Institutional Reports

Reports are listed by the academic year (AY) the student or program information pertains to rather than the year the report was developed.  For example, the Graduate Employment Report of 2007-08 Graduates is listed under 2007-08 AY, even though the actual research was conducted in the following year.

Statistical reports on student activity such as application, enrolment, withdrawal, graduation and equity participation are located under Student Data.

All the files are in pdf format. Large files may require some time to download or view depending on your Internet connection speed.

Academic Year Title

2004-05 Inventory of Approved Programs: 2004-05
  Participation in Programs by Equity Groups: 2004-05
  Provincial Survey of 2004-05 Graduates
The Saskatchewan Department of Advanced Education and Employment surveyed the 2004-2005 graduates of all post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan. The results of the study indicated that SIAST graduates enjoy an employment rate of almost 97 per cent two years after graduating.
  Saskatchewan Urban Training Needs Assessment (SUTNA) Report: 2004-05