Student Awards Information for International Students

As an international student, you are eligible for academic merit scholarships and awards that do not include financial need as a selection criteria.  Ensure you meet all selection and eligibility criteria requirements for the awards you are applying for, otherwise your application may be disqualified.

Eligible criteria example

Eligible criteria example - 100% academic achievement

Ineligible criteria example

Ineligible criteria example

Finding Awards

When you are searching for eligible awards:    

  • Select your program from the program drop down list to bring up awards specific to your program.
  • Select "Any Program" from the program drop down list to bring up awards that are not specific to a campus or program. These awards may have additional requirements to be met, so please read carefully.

Find student awards

Applying for Awards

Personal Information

On the Personal Information page, we do require that you fill out all boxes marked with a red asterisk (*). For the High School and High School Division boxes, please enter “N/A” as this information does not pertain to you.

Academic Achievement - What marks should I use?

For 1st and 2nd year International students, there is a designated box on the application to enter your cumulative average, located near the bottom of the Academic Achievement page. You do not need to fill out any other portion of this page.

  • 1st Year Students – since we require high school marks for academic achievement, you will need to complete a semester on campus before you can apply for student awards. At that point, you can use your 1st semester cumulative average. A specific award for 1st year International students will be made available for application in the December – February posting.
  • 2nd Year Students – can apply for student awards starting in April using your cumulative average from the 1st year of study. This applies to all second year students.

Financial Need

You do not need to fill out the Financial Need page of the application, as we do not require financial information for academic achievement based scholarships.

Additional Information

You will only need to fill out this page if additional information was required in the eligibility or selection criteria on the Award Selection page.