DICE is Saskatchewan’s first Technology Access Centre (TAC) funded by NSERC and Innovation Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's RAMP lab (Research in Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping) helps startup businesses test and prototype new products.

Nick Kochar, CEO of Refresh, approached Sask Polytech to help develop a new marketing intelligence software to connect users and brands/services together. Since January 2017, Nick has been working with Sask Polytech faculty and students to build the Refresh Wellness app.

This video footage of Old Man on His Back Conservation Area was captured by UAV (drones). UAV missions were undertaken by instructor, David Halstead, and alumnus, Leila Benmerrouche. The project lead was instructor, Joanne Marchand and is in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan.

Student researcher, Dhinesh Priyasamy, sought out a useful application to solve a real world problem - harmful chemicals from dyes, paints or textiles polluting oceans, lakes and rivers. He found that these harmful chemicals can be broken down using laccase, a natural enzyme found in fungi.

Student researcher, Blossom Lamalice, is passionate about the future of Canada's waterways and spearheads the Love Your Lakes applied research project in Saskatchewan. The project examines the sediment, vegetation and other features of various shorelines to assess the current environmental state and provides a report to property owners.

An interview with local historian, Paul van Pul on Prince Albert’s historic Lacolle Falls Dam project. This video provides a summary of the applied research project completed in collaboration with the Prince Albert Historical Society, Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the City of Prince Albert. This study is now complete and highlights some of the unique features of the dam using drone imagery and 3D structure from motion modelling.