Application Guide

Application Guide

Applying to Saskatchewan Polytechnic can take you to your better future.

Let us help you take the right path. From selecting a program of interest to managing the application process and beyond, this guide will give you the information you need to start your new journey.

With 150+ programs, there’s a lot to consider. We know it’s a big decision and we’re here to help. We’ve put together a variety of exploration tools to help you make the right decision—for you.

Our Programs A-Z page lets you explore your options by industry, credential, location, delivery method and more. Talking to one of our program advisors can also help you narrow down your choices, so don’t hesitate to connect with us or pop into our Zoom Room to ask questions. Interesting in seeing our campuses? Check out Sask Polytech virtually or in-person. We offer lots of supports to help you explore your options.

Get started exploring!

Each program page provides admission information.

Programs offered part-time may not require applications until a specific point in your studies or at the end. With this path you can start your studies through the School of Continuing Education. 

When an application is required, admission to Saskatchewan Polytechnic constitutes admission to a specific program, managed by a specific campus, based on specific admission criteria. Applicants may apply to more than one program by submitting an application, fee and required documentation for each program.

If you are interested in our competitive programs and have international credentials, to determine your next steps in strengthening your application, please apply and select “Pre-application assessment” for the program of your choice. Our competitive programs are only available to apply to during the application window from October 1 to February 15. This pre-application assessment is only available outside the application window and is only available to students with international credentials. We will complete a pre-application assessment and provide results in mySaskPolytech through your myElectronicLetters.

Each program has specific admission requirements. Details on our Admission Requirements will guide you through providing transcripts, class schedules or additional documentation such as a keyboarding tests, permanent residency card, or translation of your documents.

Your academic history is important to support your application. Please send us your transcripts and documents for your application.

For transcript submission instructions:

Did you know…  Transcripts impact your Transfer Credit requests?

English is the language of instruction and examination at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Review the English Language Proficiency Requirements for your program to find out if you already meet requirements.

If you do not meet the requirements, please review the page Meeting English Language Requirements at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Some programs allow entry through alternate admissions when applicants do not meet with previous academic studies.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic welcomes home-schooled applicants to our many programs. Explore your admission options.

View our pre-recorded admission information sessions. Use these guides to prepare to apply. 

Need more information about submitting your application or are you ready to apply?

Apply now

If you require a study permit apply for a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program as an international student.

The application processes varies between programs. Explore all the details of the admission processes at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic sets and adjusts enrolment capacities based on employment opportunities and available resources.  Did you know… some programs have equity seats for designated groups?

Some programs are popular and you may need to wait for a seat. Seats are offered as soon as they are available for upcoming intakes.

If you are placed on a waitlist and do not receive a seat or are returning to complete your program you may be asked to reapply.

Download an admission checklist:

If you require a study permit see our information for international students.

We know you are eager to hear from us.  Send your documents and transcripts as soon as possible! See Step 2: Admission Requirements for more information.

You will be notified by Saskatchewan Polytechnic via email on how to access the mySaskPolytech portal. This information should reach you within two business days. When you apply online you can also track your application online. Letters from the Office of the Registrar are sent to you by electronic letters. To view your electronic letters, you can log onto mySaskpolytech, go to the Applicant tab and click on the myElectronicLetters link.

For the majority of Saskatchewan Polytechnic programs, it will take 30 business days to assess your application after all required documentation is submitted to receive an application decision.

International applicants can view processing times. Also see our General Information and FAQs for international applicants if you have other application related questions.

If you do not receive a seat or are returning to complete your program you may be asked to reapply.

Program web pages note start date timeframes. Academic Year and Breaks are listed online to help you with your planning. Programs typically begin contacting students approximately two weeks before classes begin.

If accepted, domestic applicants will be required to pay a deposit of $600 within 30 days (or less) to secure your seat. International applicants are required to provide a $10,000 deposit (See our General information and FAQs for international applicants if required). Instructions for payments options  will help guide you in securing your seat and paying your tuition. Note that receipts for payments are sent to your Saskatchewan Polytechnic email.

Financial assistance, awards or sponsorship for courses or full-time programs can help you meet your financial needs while studying.

Important information:

Whether requesting a transcript when your studies are done, finding a form, changing your classes when you start your studies or withdrawing, we are here to help you.

Note that graduation documentation is mailed to you and should be received within four to six weeks of your completion.


Have a question? Browse the topics below to find what you're looking for. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please complete the form to connect with one of our Enrolment Services team members. 

I have a question about:

I want to:

Domestic credentials

Registration Services Moose Jaw
PO Box 1420 
Moose Jaw SK S6H 4R4 
306-691-8578 (fax) 
Registration Services Prince Albert 
PO Box 850 
Prince Albert SK S6V 7S4 
306-765-1838 (fax) 
Registration Services Regina 
PO Box 556 
Regina SK S4P 3A3
306-775-7760 (fax) 
Registration Services Saskatoon 
PO Box 1520 
Saskatoon SK S7K 3R5 
306-659-4067  (fax) 

Foreign credentials

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatoon Campus
Foreign Credential Assessment, International Admissions
PO Box 1520
1130 Idylwyld Dr N
Saskatoon SK S7K 3R5

Please connect with one of our International Education Enrolment Services team members through our International Students Contact Us form or drop into our International Zoom Room (Note: The Zoom Room is open on select dates and times).

Permanent residents with international documents, please select the option "Ask questions about a program prior to application (Domestic student including permanent resident)" from the list above.

Our Explore or Ask a Question page may have the answer you are looking for. 

If you are an international student please contact us through the International Contact Us form.

Please see Convocation or contact for more information. Names are not gathered for the ceremonies until two months before the start date. 

If your name is missing from the list and the convocation team told you to contact Enrolment Services, please submit your name through the form below. 

Please email us directly and include your blank program information form, program of study, and Sask Polytech ID.

Moose Jaw

Prince Albert



Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN)

Please direct loan questions to the University of Regina.

Please complete the form below.  

You can monitor your application by selecting “Create and review your application status” in mySaskPolytech. Once Sask Polytech receives your documents, we will add the date to your application. When you see a date in the received column, it confirms that we've received your documents.

documents received

Note that updating applications and assessments can take 20 to 30 business days.

You can find courses in the A-Z Course Listing. You may also want to view FAQs or the Part-time programs page.

If you are unsure of which course to enroll in first or need assistance selecting courses for a program in a particular order, call 1-306-659-4418, or complete the form below.

If you email your documents to you will receive an automatic reply which confirms Sask Polytech received your documents.

You can monitor your application by selecting “Create and review your application status” in mySaskPolytech. Once Sask Polytech receives your documents, we will add the date to your application. When you see a date in the received column, it confirms that we've received your documents.

documents received

Note that assessments do take time. See our application processing times.

Enrolment Verification (also known as Confirmation of Enrolments) are available through mySaskPolytech. Log in to mySaskPolytech and you can request a transcript, enrolment verification and update your personal information through the Enrolment Services section. See our mySaskPolytech Quick Reference Guide for more information.
Students enrolled in full-time on-campus programs of 12 weeks or more in length will be assessed a $255 combined Health and Dental Plan fee per year (excluding SCBScN, CNPP, online, and LAE programs). You may opt out of this fee by providing proof of existing coverage within 30 days of your program start date. Please contact the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students’ Association if you have questions or wish to provide the required proof.
Please contact the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Student Association for more information on these services.

Please see Lockers and Lockers FAQs.  

If you are having issues or are unable to find the necessary information in the FAQs, please email  

Please see our Online Tuition Payment Guide for more information.
Please submit the form below and we will forward your email to our finance office.

Online registration is not available at this time. Please call us during business hours at 1-866-467-4278 to register. To register, you need the name of the course, course registration number (CRN) and the start date, which can be found on the A-Z Course Listings page.

Admission requirements are listed on each program page.  Please find your program in the A-Z Program Listing.

School of Continuing Education 

A Continuing Education Sponsorship form is Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s new method of processing sponsored part-time students. It is an online form that provides students with registration only in course sections that the employer/sponsor has chosen to make available to them.  

Please submit the Continuing Education Sponsorship form. 

Full-time program students 

For employers sponsoring full-time program students, please complete the Confirmation of Sponsorship for Full-time Program Students for Sponsor Billing form (pdf).

Please email us directly:

Moose Jaw

Prince Albert



Please include your program of application and SaskPolytech ID.

Refunds take four to six weeks. In your mySaskPolytech account, view "My account summary" it may take up to three weeks for a "Description" of Refund or TS%DETL to show in your account. It may take up to an additional three weeks for you to receive the funds.

Refunds are returned by the original payment method. For example, credit card payments (within a year of payment) will be refunded to the same credit card; most other payments will be refunded by cheque to the student’s permanent mailing address on record. International students who paid by Flywire are refunded through Flywire.

If the "Description" of Refund or TS%DETL are showing within three weeks after your withdrawal, please contact your local accounts receivable office through Saskatoon.AR@saskpolytech,,, If it does not show up by the third week, please complete the form below.

  • We cannot approve an apprentice loan until the first day of class.
  • Program students cannot be approved until three weeks before the start date.
  • SCBScN students should direct their inquires and loans to the University of Regina.

Note: It takes at least one business day for details to be transferred between the school and National Loans (one-way).


Official income tax receipts (T2202) for eligible tuition and education amounts are available to be printed from students' mySaskPolytech accounts by the end of February each year. T2202 are not mailed out. 

SCBScN students need to contact the University of Regina. Apprentices need to contact the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC) .

Saskatchewan Graduate Retention Program 

If you provide your social insurance number (SIN) to Enrolment Services before February 1, Saskatchewan Polytechnic applies to the Saskatchewan Graduate Retention Program on your behalf as a graduate of an eligible program. If your SIN is not provided by February 1, you must apply on your own behalf for eligible programs. The ministry may contact you by email. 

*Do not email your SIN to Enrolment Services. To submit your SIN, please submit your SIN through mySaskPolytech. On the student tab, scroll down to the Enrolment Services menu and and select SIN updates. If you receive any communications containing a direct link to a SIN form, delete the message. Do not click the link, do not open attachments and do not reply to the message.  

For more information see Income Tax Receipts.

Please refer to our Tuition Deposit and Payment page.

For transcripts after 1996

Log in to mySaskPolytech and scroll down to the Enrolment Services section and select Transcripts:Official or Unofficial.

See our mySaskPolytech Quick Reference Guide for more information.  

If you are unable to log in, please complete a Document Request form (pdf). 

For transcripts before 1996 

Please complete a Document Request form (pdf). 

Please complete the form below.


If you have applied to a program and want to withdraw your application, you need to submit a Withdrawal form. See Withdrawals, Transfer and Refunds for applicants.

Current student

Students currently attending a program must notify Sask Polytech that they choose to discontinue. See Withdrawals, Transfer and Refunds for current students.

Domestic Students

A new online application will need to be submitted to your chosen program and campus. Please confirm with Enrolment Services that the new program has seats available before switching programs. Your tuition and fees (including tuition deposit) can be transferred for your initial program switch. Any subsequent switches are subject to a $250 fee.

International Students

A new online application will need to be submitted to your chosen program and campus. Please confirm with International Education that the new program has seats available before switching programs. Program switches fees vary depending on when the request is received before the program start date. Refer to section 3.1 of the Tuition & Fees Policy for switch fee amounts. Please visit our information on international application processes and fees or please connect with us through our International Students Contact Us form.

Please complete the form below and let us know how we can help you.

If you have a question that was not answered above, please submit this form.

Please select the campus you plan to attend. If your campus location is not confirmed yet, please indicate your campus preference.

If known