Indigenous Services

Indigenous Student Success Strategy

Anin sikwa, edlanet'e, hau koda, tawâw and tanshi. Welcome to Saskatchewan Polytechnic on Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 Territories and the homeland of the Métis people. At Sask Polytech, helping you achieve your educational and career goals is our top priority. No matter where you come from or who you are, we work hard to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. 

The Indigenous Student Success Strategy was developed to provide all Indigenous students with a variety of services to enhance the student experience and remove barriers to success. Learn more about the resources available for Indigenous students.

Some of the services we offer to Indigenous students include:

  • A summer transition program
  • Access to Indigenous Students' centres and Elders
  • Indigenous student advisors, who build relationships of support through personal connection
  • Financial support through a number of scholarships and bursaries.

We also have an Indigenous community coordinator, who works to raise awareness about Sask Polytech in Indigenous communities throughout the province, both urban and rural.

Indigenous students find success

  • Enrolment for Indigenous students has increased 31 per cent since 2011-12. Sask Polytech has 3,700 Indigenous students making up more than 18 per cent of the student population.
  • In 2014-15 the employment rate for Sask Polytech's Indigenous graduates was 84%. Indigenous students are an important part of our campus community.
  • 98% of students share they are satisfied or very satisfied with the Indigenous Student Success Strategy services.
  • 92% of indigenous students would recommend their academic program at Sask Polytech to others.

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Jason Seright
Director, Indigenous Strategy

Deanna Speidel
Indigenous Strategy Coordinator

Gwen Bear
Indigenous Community Liaison 

Janet Korpan
Administrative Assistant
(306) 659-3748

Pihtikewé – Kihèw Waciston 
Indigenous Students’ Centre
(Cree: Eagle’s Nest Indigenous Students’ Centre)
Room 2.202

Xavier Fisher
Indigenous Students’ Centre Coordinator
Room 2.202.01

Rosemarie Zaba Stewart
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 2.205
306-690-3777 (cell)

All Nations Gathering Place
Indigenous Students’ Centre
Rm 225

Shelley Belhumeur
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 127 Academic Centre
306-961-4555 (cell)

Jennifer Brockman
Indigenous Students’ Centre Coordinator
Room 225 Academic Centre

Jennifer Davies
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room A137 Technical Centre
306-960-2019 (cell)

Carrie McCloy
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room A211 Technical Centre
306-930-7212 (cell)

ê-sihtoskâtoyahk ᐁᓯᐦᑐᐢᑲᑐᔭᐦᐠ   
Indigenous Students’ Centre
(Cree: strengthening/supporting each other)
Rm 121.4

Brian Gallagher
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 103
306-291-6447 (cell)

Danielle Jeancart
Indigenous Students’ Centre Coordinator
Room 121.4
(306) 659-4103

Shane Stack
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 103
306-361-5797 (cell)

Derek Yee
Indigenous Student Advisor,
School of Health Sciences
Room 121.3

Genevieve Davis
Educational Counsellor for Indigenous Students
Room 121.4.2
(306) 659-4287

Sharon Ahenakew
Indigenous Nursing Student Advisor
School of Nursing
Room 404.5
(306) 659-4221
(306) 270-9311 (cell)

Pēžik Tēwē-ihkan, Pēžik Mihtē-ihkan
Indigenous Students’ Centre
(Saulteaux: One Heart, One Drum Beat)
Rm 153

Meranda Andersen
Indigenous Student Counsellor,
Post-Secondary Programs
Student Development
Room 228

Kim Fellner
Indigenous Student Advisor,
School of Health Sciences
Room 150.2

Greg Riehl
Aboriginal Nursing Student Advisor
School of Nursing
Room 150.1

Aaron Tootoosis
Indigenous Students’ Centre Coordinator
Room 153