Part-time Business Non-credit Courses

Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers (CE_BD-1321)
Adobe Illustrator Essentials (CE_BD-1424)
Adobe InDesign Essentials (CE_BD-1423)
Adobe Photoshop Essentials (CE_BD-1425)
Advanced Data Analysis (CE_BD-1336)
Advanced Excel (CE_BD-1422)
Advanced Teaching Online (CE_BD-1361)
Applying Lean Sigma Practices to HR Functions (CE_BD-1418)
Bookkeeping 1- Managing Financial Records (CE-1306)
Bookkeeping 2 - Payroll Taxes and Strategic Forecasting (CE-1307)
Bookkeeping for Small Business & Entrepreneurs (CE_BD-1395)
Boosting Your Web Site Traffic (CE_BD-1338)
Cash is King (CE_BD-1322)
Championship Selling: A Passport to Global Markets (CE_BD-1411)
Collaborative Management (CE_BD-1407)
Communication Toolbox (CE_BD-1309)
Designing Online Instruction (CE_BD-1362)
Entrepreneurial Marketing (CE_BD-1417)
Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (CE_BD-1415)
Essential Skill & TOWES Administrator Training (CE_BD-1320)
Extraordinary Customer Service (CE_BD-1333)
Financial Analysis and Planning for Non-Financial Managers (CE_BD-1323)
Fostering Online Discussion (CE_BD-1363)
Grammar and Punctuation (CE_BD-1303)
ICA - Arts and Science of Participation (CE_BD-1396)
ICA - Meetings That Work (CE_BD-1314)
ICA - Transformational Strategy (CE_BD-1313)
ICA Group Facilitation (CE_BD-1312)
Improving Email Promotions (CE_BD-1337)
Integrating Social Media in Your Organization (CE_BD-1379)
Intermediate Data Analysis (CE_BD-1335)
Intermediate Excel (CE_BD-1421)
Introduction to Data Analysis (CE_BD-1334)
Introduction to Project Management (CE_BD-1371)
Introduction to Social Media (CE_BD-1377)
Keys to Customer Service (CE_BD-1332)
Leading Organizational Change (CE_BD-1315)
Lean Six Sigma (CE_BD-1393)
Management Boot Camp (CE_BD-1350)
Managing Generations in the Workplace (CE_BD-1352)
Managing Productivity (CE_BD-1369)
Marketing Using Social Media (CE_BD-1378)
Mastering Computer Skills in the Workplace (CE_BD-1413)
Mastering MS Excel (CE_BD-1420)
Minute Taking (CE_BD-1316)
New 21st Century Strategies for Productivity and Time Management (CE_BD-1370)
Online Advertising (CE_BD-1339)
Presenting With Confidence (CE_BD-1300)
Productivity eTools: Be Organized and Get Stuff Done (CE_BD-1368)
Project Management Knowledge Areas (CE_BD-1373)
Project Management Processes (CE_BD-1372)
Service Excellence (CE_BD-1310)
Supervisory and Leadership Certificate (CE_BD-1405)
The Business Plan (CE_BD-1416)
Time Management Essentials (CE_BD-1319)
Women in Trades Exploratory (CE-1600)
Writing Boot Camp (CE_BD-1410)
Writing Business Emails & Letters (CE_BD-1305)