Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technology support for students and employees at Sask Polytech.

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Contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with your technology.
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Visit the Microsoft Online Password Reset page to get back into your account.
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Connecting to Wi-Fi
Learn how to connect to eduroam, our secure on campus Wi-Fi.
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As a student, you receive a username, password and 9-digit ID number in your information letter. The username is generally in the format: last name + 4 or more digits (e.g., brown1234). Your username is part of your email address (e.g., and organizational login account for many of our services.
Be cyber aware and consistently practice good cybersecurity habits. Learn tips and best practices on the Sask Polytech Cyber Security Awareness site (Sask Polytech login required).

Contact the Helpdesk if you are having issues or need some assistance with your technology.

Can't access your learning materials? Explore some of these avenues before contacting the Helpdesk for technical support.

1. If you cannot log in to mySaskPolytech:

  • If you cannot initially log in:
    • make sure your caps lock key is not engaged
    • try closing your browser and restarting it
    • if closing your browser does not work, try restarting your computer and logging in again
  • Here are some possible reasons why you cannot access your learning materials:
    • your Internet service provider may be experiencing difficulties
    • the Saskatchewan Polytechnic web server may be experiencing difficulties
    • you may have more than one copy of your browser open
    • the Internet may be having a particularly bad day

2. If you cannot connect to other websites:

  • check your cable connections
  • make sure your external modem (dial up, DSL or cable) is turned on and the lights are flashing
  • make sure your modem is configured properly and contact a qualified service technician
  • check with your Internet service provider to see if there are any problems

3. Check your Internet service provider connections:

  • Dial-up connections
    • The phone line must be connected to the wall jack and connected to the line port on the modem. External modems have an external power adapter that must be plugged into the wall outlet and a power switch that has to be turned on.
  • DSL/Cable modem connections
    • Cable must be connected from the wall jack to the modem and from the modem to the network card on the computer. Both cable and DSL modems have power supplies that have to be plugged in. The power switches on the modems need to be set to the "on" position.
  • All connections
    • Are your Internet service provider connection settings correct?  Contact your Internet service provider for these settings.

If you have tried all of these options and still cannot connect you may need to contact your Internet service provider or a qualified service technician

Server maintenance is the third Saturday of each month. Computer and network services may be unavailable that day.

Follow us on Twitter @saskpolytechITS for system updates.

Using multiple sign-in options through multi-factor authentication is an IT best practice. It provides better password recovery and crucial account security. Everyone must create a password and will be required to set up a second option at first sign-in. Visit How to sign in to Sask Polytech using multi-factor authentication and Understanding sign-in options and multi-factor authentication for more information (Sask Polytech sign-in required). See below for the basic steps to get started.

1. Quick start: sign in to Sask Polytech

2. No phone, lost phone or no access to other sign in options

  • Contact the ITS Helpdesk by phone or email. 
  • Provide your contact information and the reason you require help.

Once confirmed, a Helpdesk agent will provide you with a Temporary Access Passcode. Do not lose this code. It cannot be viewed by our Helpdesk agents or regenerated.

3. How to set up text code sign in

A cell phone number is required to receive the codes.

Image explaining how to set multifactor authentication

  • Click Next.
  • Select Authentication Phone.
  • Select country code as Canada (+1).
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • Click Next.

Image explaining how to set multifactor authentication

  • Enter the verification code received on your cell phone.
  • Click Verify.
  • Click Done.

4. How to sign in using text codes

  • Enter your Sask Polytech username when prompted (e.g.,
  • Click Next.
  • Wait for the Enter code screen to appear.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone. 
  • Click Verify.

Image explaining how to set multifactor authentication

mySaskPolytech is your portal to Sask Polytech’s communications and services. mySaskPolytech provides access to email and myCourses home pages. You can view announcements, letters, grades, tax forms, unofficial transcripts, campus events and more. Learn more on mySaskPolytech Quick Reference Guide.


  • Communicate with instructors and other students.
  • To access Sask Polytech email on your smartphone, visit mySaskPolytech or download the Outlook application from your device’s app store or (Sask Polytech login required).

Office 365

  • Click myOffice365 on mySaskPolytech to access Office 365. If prompted for an organizational login account, use
  • Use Microsoft Office online from anywhere, including web, desktop and mobile devices. To install O365 on your personal device, go to myOffice365 and click Install Office 2016.


myCourses (Brightspace/D2L)

  • Sask Polytech’s online learning platform combines course materials, assignments and testing in a virtual classroom. Courses can be entirely online or contain online materials and activities which complement face-to-face teaching. Brightspace supports a wide variety of platforms, from smartphones to desktop PCs.
  • Access Brightspace by clicking on the myCourses icon on mySaskPolytech.


  • myWorkspace provides a virtual Windows desktop and software to complete assignments, print and email. Access your programs’ desktop by clicking the myWorkspace icon on mySaskPolytech. Saved files are automatically deleted when you log off so save your files on OneDrive.

Use the Password Manager (Sask Polytech login required) to update your account settings including your multi-factor authentication preferences. View the Password Manager Guide for more information.

Use these password guidelines to create complex passwords, protect passwords and manage password changes.

All employees and students should be aware of and understand Information Management policies.
View Printing at Sask Polytech for instructions.

Secure Wi-Fi on campus is available through eduroam.

To connect to the Sask Polytech eduroam service:

  1. Access your wireless connection settings.
  2. Enter or select the eduroam Wi-Fi network. The Enter Credentials dialog box appears.


  1. Enter your username complete with domain. This is usually your email at your institution (e.g.,
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Click the OK button to connect.

Full details can be found on the eduroam information page (Sask Polytech login required). If you experience access problems, please contact for support.

Communicate with instructors and other students using chat, voice/audio and video meeting. 

To secure Zoom meetings, ensure you update to the most recent version (Sask Polytech login required) and take specific steps to secure your Zoom meeting (Sask Polytech login required).

Visit Zoom FAQs (Sask Polytech login required) for more information.