Multi-function printers - with print, copy and scan functions - are available in all Saskatchewan Polytechnic libraries and other prominent locations throughout campus. Through this print service, students and employees can send print jobs to a virtual queue until they are ready to authenticate on a multi-function printer to release and print documents.  

You can print when:

  • Signed into a Sask Polytech computer
  • Logged into myWorkspace (Sask Polytech login required),
  • By sending a file attachment to with your Sask Polytech email address. Accepted formats include: PDF, JPG, PNGS, and Microsoft Office documents.

Print options include:

  • Black and white: secure_bw
  • Colour: secure_colour 

When on campus, locate a multi-function printer and sign-in with your username and password or use your print fob to release your print job. Print fobs are available for a small fee at any Sask Polytech Campus Store.  

Student printing and photocopying costs are:

  • $0.10 per page for black and white
  • $0.25 per page for colour

Sask Polytech uses PaperCut NG software for student printing services. Log on to PaperCut to add money to an online account and check your balance. Money deposited into PaperCut is non-refundable. Unused funds may be transferred to another PaperCut user.

Add money to PaperCut with your credit/debit card:

  1. Visit PaperCut
  2. Use your Sask Polytech username ( and password to log in.
    PaperCut login screen
  3. Click on Add Credit:
    PaperCut side navigation with a circle around the add credit section
  4. Choose the amount you would like to add and click Add Value.
  5. Insert your credit card or debit info and click Process Transaction.
  6. You are ready to print!

Save paper, save money

Here are tips to printing that save money, time and the environment:

  • Use the print preview function to check that there are no unnecessary pages at the end of your document.
  • When possible reduce your font size and page margins before you print.
  • Use the black and white setting for jobs that do not require colour. Colour printing costs more. 
  • Print double-sided whenever possible. 
  • If you are printing PowerPoint slides or notes, change the setting to print multiple slides per page
  • If you submit a print job you don’t need, don’t print it! Delete it from your print queue, or don’t release that job with the other jobs in your queue.
  • Scan the document instead of printing and send out a link to share.

Resources for students and employees

Visit Printing at Sask Polytech for more information. How to videos are also available. 


If you are having issues or questions, please contact the ITS Helpdesk: