In order to help you monitor your term (semester) Grade Point Average (GPA) or to unofficially calculate your overall (program) GPA, we have provided this simple GPA calculator for your convenience.

It is your responsibility as a student to keep your averages, both term (semester) GPA and overall (program) GPA, above 60%. After your courses have been graded, you have access to an unofficial transcript on mySaskPolytech. If you have any questions about your GPA or academic status, please consult your program head.

Grade Point Average [GPA]:
An expression of the general quality of academic achievement. It is calculated by multiplying the grade earned in each course by the credit unit, resulting in grade points. Total grade points for all courses is then divided by the total credit units attempted, resulting in the grade point average. 

For each course taken, a mark of 50% or higher is required to pass the course. For each term, a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 60% or higher is required.

Falling below the 60% GPA can lead to academic probation or being required to discontinue the program.

It is very important, therefore, to stay up to date on GPA as well as ensuring each course is passed.

The GPA is weighted. That means a 3-credit course counts for 3 times as much as a 1-credit course.

As well, an overall or cumulative GPA of 60% is required to graduate. Note: Cumulative GPA includes all grades completed at Sask Polytech. If a student has been in more than one program, Enrolment Services will calculate a program specific GPA for graduation purposes.

 Your grades are your responsibility. During a term, if your course marks are low, you are encouraged to talk with your instructors, a counsellor and Learning Services for improvement strategies before final marks are recorded. At the end of a term, if your GPA is below 60%, you should consider improving your grades by repeating a course or courses. In doing so, remember the weighting: a course with more credits will affect your GPA through an improved grade more than a course with fewer credits.

Calculate your unofficial GPA

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  • Only numeric grades are used in this unofficial calculator but other grades, such as withdrawal failure (WF) may have a significant impact on your GPA; and

  • It is possible to pass every course in your program but not qualify for graduation if your program GPA is less than 60%.

Sask Polytech uses various grade modes to determine promotion and progression through programs. Most credit courses are graded numerically with a minimum course pass grade of 50%. Students must pass each course in a semester and maintain a Grade Point Average above 60% in that semester to avoid being placed on probationary status or being required to discontinue (see Academic Progress policy 1202). As well, students must pass all courses and achieve a program GPA of 60% in order to graduate from their program.

For additional information refer to Sask Polytech policies 1202, 1207 and 1208.