As a student, you are required to comply with these academic regulations that include all Saskatchewan Polytechnic policy and procedures. Academic regulations are published to help you effectively pursue and achieve your academic goals while maintaining a high-quality learning environment. You are expected to familiarize yourself with these regulations. If you have questions or concerns about these regulations, please consult with your program head.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic policies and procedures

Students at Saskatchewan Polytechnic are responsible for attendance, punctuality, and facilitating a positive and productive learning environment. Good attendance and punctuality are valued studentship and employability skills. Active participation in course work and the synergies created from a community of students increases learning and can strongly impact grades. Saskatchewan Polytechnic students are expected to attend all program and course requirements including lectures, seminars, labs, clinical, practicums, and shop requirements.

At Saskatchewan Polytechnic, attendance regulations are set by each program or division and are tied to the effective completion of learning outcomes. Each program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic prescribes specific attendance requirements as well as consequences for not complying with requirements. Requirements may vary from program to program and course to course. Attendance requirements will reflect any external accreditation requirements or sponsorship requirements. Attendance requirements will also provide students with the opportunity to effectively demonstrate competency in practical courses, labs, shop, clinical practice education, practicum and co-op placements. 

Attendance and punctuality are identified by the instructor or program and, in some cases, may be part of the evaluation which determines the final grade. Students will be advised of attendance and participation requirements at the beginning of each course and/or the overall program. Course specific attendance requirements will be communicated clearly in writing in the course outline or other written form at the beginning of each course and/or the program.

Students must report any absences to their program head, instructor or other person designated by the program for this purpose. Excessive absences will be reported by the instructor (or other person designated by the program) to the program head. If a student does not maintain the minimum attendance identified and fails to meet learning outcomes, he/she may be denied progression in a course or program.

It is important that we have up-to-date personal information for all students. It is the student's responsibility to inform Enrolment Services. Update your information online on mySaskPolytech. As well, you may use the forms linked below for the specific purpose indicated.

Change of Legal Name or Social Insurance Number

Change of Contact Information or Gender

Saskatchewan Polytechnic issues a number of official documents that indicate completion of, or participation in, academic programs and courses. Criteria assist students and employers in assessing the scope of education and training underlying a Saskatchewan Polytechnic completion document or credential.

There are required and various timelines for the completion of all courses in credit programs. For detailed information, Credentials policy.

Generally, students registered in a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program would not be allowed to repeat a passed course without permission from the program head. Preference for registration is given to students currently enrolled in full-time programs taking the course(s) for the first time over students who are unclassified or are returning to complete. Students who wish to repeat passed course(s) must obtain permission from the appropriate program head and complete required admission and registration procedures. Students will not receive a second credential for the same or similar program.

Students returning to a program after an extended absence may be required to repeat passed courses if the material is considered to have changed significantly, as per Saskatchewan Polytechnic Credentials policy.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic uses a grading system that includes a percentage mark, pass/fail or complete/incomplete for credit courses. Non-credit courses use percentage, pass/fail or attended grades.

The Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan followed a grading scale approved by the University of Saskatchewan.

High-school courses completed through Saskatchewan Polytechnic use the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education grading system.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic percentage scale (effective July 1, 2017)
90-100 Excellent
80-89 Very good
70-79 Good
60-69 Average
50-59 Acceptable
%F Failure


Saskatchewan Polytechnic alternative grades
AEG Aegrotat Pass based on exceptional circumstances
AT Attendance Attendance required for successful completion (no assessment)
AU Audit No active participation or formal assessment
CO Complete Work experience successfully completed
CN Continuing Course continuing to the next term
CR Credit Course requirements met
EX Exemption Exempt from course requirement
F Failure Failed course requirements, no percentage provided
IN Incomplete Course requirements not complete. If a grade remains incomplete for a period of six months from the course end date, it is changed to a failure grade.
NC Not complete Work experience not successfully completed
NT Not taken Used for Co-operative Education only to indicate the Co-operative Education component was not taken
P Pass Course requirements successfully completed (Pass/Fail only)
TC Transfer credit/
Equivalent credit
Transfer credit or equivalent credit granted for a course
W Withdrawal Withdrawal without academic penalty (generally assigned if withdrawal occurs prior to 75% course completion)
WF Withdrawal failure Withdrawal with academic penalty (0% in cumulative average calculation) (generally assigned if withdrawal occurs after 75% course completion)

All students are encouraged to dress and groom themselves in an acceptable and appropriate manner. When required, students must wear designated clothing during practical experience courses.

Some programs may stipulate specific dress and grooming standards.


A transcript is an official document of a student's academic record.

To request an official transcript or print an unofficial transcript, go to our mySaskPolytech Student Home page.

All student-related fees, library books and equipment must be in order before a transcript is issued.

Official Adult Education and General Educational Development transcripts are available from the Ministry of Education. Students can access unofficial statements of their marks from mySaskPolytech.

Students who voluntarily withdraw from a course or program must complete and submit the appropriate form to Enrolment Services. Upon completing the withdrawal form, refunds may be applied. See Refunds and Withdrawals for details.

Non-attendance is not considered to be notification of intention to withdraw from a course or program.

A student who wants to re-enter a program after withdrawing must:

  • re-apply
  • meet current admission requirements
  • pay all outstanding fees (including the application fee)