Employers: Please review the following information and then complete the Sponsorship request form to register as a sponsor.

For students

Your employer can arrange to be invoiced for the cost of the course by completing this sponsorship request form. Please be sure to direct your sponsor to this link so that they can submit the request on your behalf.

The course registration number (CRN) and start date(s) for your course are required. Please work with your sponsor to provide the necessary course and personal information they need to submit the request. Once the form is submitted, your request will be received and processed. A confirmation of enrolment will be sent to your personal email address provided on the form. 

Your sponsor will be invoiced for the cost of the training.

There may be a delay of up to three business days before participants receive access to the online course. 

  • Monitor the email account that you registered with and also any junk or spam folders associated with that account.
  • Previous Students:
    • Your Sask Polytech username and password is only emailed out once every 365 days. If you have registered for a course recently, or applied to a program, please check previous communications for these log in credentials. For login or password assistance, submit a sign-in troubleshooting ticket to the IT Service Desk.
  • New Students (or after three to four business days):
To access your course and any online components see Online Learning Support.

 For employers

Registration information (e.g., name and course) for students registered in an employer/sponsor funded course may be shared with the employer/sponsor for the purpose of confirming registration and payment of fees.