How to Sponsor a Student Using a Course Funding Catalogue 

Employers: Please review the following information and then complete the Course Funding Catalogue request form to register as a sponsor.

The Course Funding Catalogue request form is for sponsoring Flexible Learning students only. For employers sponsoring full-time program students, please complete Confirmation of Sponsorship for Full-time Program Students (pdf).

For students

A Course Funding Catalogue is Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s new method of processing sponsored Flexible Learning students. It is an online catalogue that provides you with registration only in course sections that your employer/sponsor has chosen to make available to you. You are eligible to register for approved course sections within this catalogue when your employer/sponsor provides you with a specific hyperlink to access their catalogue.

Your employer/sponsor will need to submit a Course Funding Catalogue request form. Once the catalogue is set up your employer/sponsor will be sent a link with the specific sections they have requested.

Your employer can arrange to be invoiced for the cost of the course by completing this request for a Course Funding Catalogue.

The preferred course PIC and start date(s) for your course are required.  Your employer will then receive an email with their course funding catalogue link and further instructions.

You can register for the specified course(s) free of charge once you receive a course funding catalogue link from your employer.

If you have previously created an account in this system you must sign in from the provided link using the same username previously used (usually your personal email address). You would have received an email entitled “Your Student Account Details” at the time of the account creation that will confirm the username you previously created.

We will contact you if a seat becomes available for the course.

Your employer can request another section with available seats to be added to the Course Funding Catalogue.

There may be a delay of up to three business days before participants receive access to the online course. 

This is what you can expect after registration:

  • Email one: You will immediately receive an email with a subject line:  Your Student Portal Account Details.  These account details are for registration only; it does not provide access to the course.
  • Email two: With subject line: Your Course Enrolment. This is a confirmation of enrolment and the you should read this and the associated links within it.
  • Email three: With subject line: line: Saskatchewan Polytechnic Important Information - Do not reply will follow within three business days. This email includes the username and password to mySaskPolytech to access your online course. Please read the information carefully and follow instructions.
  • Monitor the email account that you registered with and also any junk or spam folders associated with that account.
  • Previous Students: Your Sask Polytech username and password is only emailed out once every 365 days. If you have registered for a course recently, or applied to a program, please check previous communications for these log in credentials. If you require assistance with a password reset, please contact the Helpdesk at 1-888-733-5333.
  • New Students (or after three to four business days): please contact so that we can check your account.
To access your course and any online components see Online Learning Support.
  • The Course Funding Catalogue link will only work until the registration deadline of the available course(s).
  • You may be trying to create a second account in the student gateway and may need to sign in using your previously assigned username and password
  • If the Course Funding Catalogue link is still active you may have already added the course to your account. Log in to the student gateway and select Enroll & Pay to complete the registration. 

 For employers

You want to ensure that you enter the full PIC code (not just the course code) for each course. Courses are offered multiple times and at multiple locations throughout the year. The PIC allows us to identify which particular offering you are interested in.

To find your PIC:

  1. See the A-Z course listing.
  2. Choose your desired course.
  3. The PIC is shown on the right-hand side of the course offering table and will have a similar format to EMPL-180CE-1.

Arrow pointing to where to find the PIC

This is the code you need to enter into the Course PIC section of the Course Funding Catalogue request form.

  • The Course Funding Catalogue link to requested courses will only work until the registration deadline date of that course. Please take note of those deadlines when requesting courses be added to your catalog. Anyone who tries to use the funding link after the registration deadline may receive an error message.
  • If additional courses need to be added to your catalogue, please submit another form.
  • If you need to increase the number of participants who can register using your Course Funding Catalogue link, please contact The link is initially set to accommodate 50 employee registrations.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic uses an academic year to process invoices, etc., therefore you will need to submit a new form for each academic year with the upcoming offerings you want included. The academic year runs July 1 – June 30.
Registration information (e.g., name and course) for students registered in an employer/sponsor funded course may be shared with the employer/sponsor for the purpose of confirming registration and payment of fees.