Students' Associations

Students' Association

The students' association provides peer support, services and organizes student activities and clubs, as well as locker rentals, in each campus city.

Contact the campus students' association for more information or visit

Your time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic shouldn't be limited to academic learning. Get more from your education by getting involved with our year-round activities. Join a club, be a part of student government, volunteer your time and skills - build confidence and have fun. What are you waiting for? Get involved!

Student Clubs

Mix it up with like-minded people and expand your social network. Enjoy outings and gatherings where you can have fun, learn more about yourself and share your knowledge with others.

Contact your campus students' association to find out more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help build the Saskatchewan Polytechnic community that you want. Volunteer. Personal benefits of volunteering include building confidence, gaining a sense of achievement, developing inter-personal and public communication skills, meeting new people and championing a cause.

Volunteer opportunities at Saskatchewan Polytechnic include:

  • fundraising events
  • campus elections
  • pub nights
  • club trips

Contact your campus students' association to see what opportunities are available in your area.