Career Counselling

Career Counselling

What is career counselling?

Career Counselling is a process used to enhance your career decision making and planning. The Career Counselling process can help you to increase your self-awareness and develop a suitable career and educational direction.

Career counsellors can assist you to create and choose a meaningful career direction through a career planning process. Typically, this process explores your:

  • interests
  • abilities
  • preferences and
  • values 

Career Counselling may involve information gathering as well as researching career and educational options. You may be asked to set goals and to identify the actions necessary to realize those goals. During Career Counselling, you may also do informal or formal assessments to assist with helping you to know yourself better and find a career that suits you.

Who is career counselling for?

Career Counselling can happen at any stage of your education. You have the opportunity to meet with a qualified Sask Polytech career counsellor at least once to explore and to identify a suitable career direction.

You qualify for Sask Polytech career counselling if you are:

  • interested in taking a Sask Polytech program but not yet enrolled or registered,
  • a registered SaskPolytech student,
  • Sask Polytech alumni, or
  • a member of the general public.


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