International Programs

Programs and Tuition for International Students

Review the Steps to Attend Saskatchewan Polytechnic to apply for your seat and ensure you meet English Language Requirement.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is Saskatchewan's primary public institution for post-secondary technical education and skills training.

For any general international student questions, please contact us:


These tuition rates are for international students only. All amounts are in approximate Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice.

The rates listed on the program pages are the tuition rates Canadian students pay. International students are not eligible for the same tuition rates because Canadian taxpayers subsidize the tuition rates for Canadian students.

Permanent Residency

Effective September 2018, Saskatchewan Polytechnic requires a Permanent Resident card in order to confirm Canadian residency and reduce an international student’s tuition to the domestic rate. When this proof is provided, the domestic tuition rate is effective for all subsequent terms in the program.

For a list of programs available to international students and approximate tuition, please see the listing by campus:

For more information, see the Tuition and Fees Procedure 1214 (pdf) and the Sask Polytech Fee Schedule (pdf).


If your program of interest is not available on the online application, the program either does not accept international students or is full for the upcoming intake.

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  • Bachelor of Construction Management - Degree
  • BioScience Technology - Diploma
    • International applications for BioScience Technology is now closed.  The program will begin accepting applications for the September 2020 intake in October 2019.
  • Building Systems Technician - Certificate
  • Business Accountancy - Post-Graduate Certificate
    • International applications for Business Accountancy - Post-Graduate Certificate have now closed for Sep 2019.  The program will begin accepting applications for the September 2020 intake in October 2019.
  • Business Diploma - Diploma
    • International students are accepted into the Moose Jaw and Prince Albert campus locations only.We are pleased to announce the international entrance scholarship of $1,000 for international students entering the Business Diploma (Business Management specialty) on our Prince Albert campus in fall 2019.  The scholarship will reduce the total tuition and fees for this program by $1,000, and be applied to the 2nd term tuition.  Email for more information.
  • Business Information Systems - Diploma
    • This program is also offered at our Regina campus.  When applying, please indicate your location preference when submitting your documents. Please review the tuition and fees charts at the top of the page for details on costs.
  • Business Management - Post-Graduate Certificate
    • All applications for Business Management post-grad program will be considered for January 2020 intake as September 2019 is currently full.  The program is accepting applications for Moose Jaw and Prince Albert campuses for January 2020.


















  • Youth Care Worker - Certificate
    • International applications for Youth Care Worker Certificate are now closed.  The program will begin accepting applications for the September 2020 intake in October 2019.