Through the Essential Skills Development (ESD) program, you'll gain essential and employability skills in preparation for employment, framed by authentic learning experiences​. You may also receive:

  • Employability skills development (e.g., Accountability, adaptability, attitude, confidence, motivation, presentation, problem-solving, stress management, teamwork and time management)
  • Essential skills development (e.g., Reading, writing, numeracy, communication, digital skills, document use)
  • Individualized learning and employment plans  ​
  • Certifications as required by individualized learning plan (e.g., WHMIS, First Aid/CPR, Food Safe certification)  ​
  • Resume, portfolio, and interview experience ​
  • Increased familiarity with the local labour market, employment services and further training ​
  • Skills to confidently apply and prepare for further training or employment​
  • Transition support to employment or further training 


The duration of programming is determined by your individual goals and the learning plan you create. It may range from 4 - 32 weeks.

Start dates

There are seven start dates throughout the academic year. 

  • September 5, 2023
  • October 10, 2023
  • November 14, 2023
  • January 29, 2024
  • March 4, 2024
  • April 17, 2024
  • May 15, 2024

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Contact Literacy and Adult Education to arrange for an intake assessment, or to discuss program details.

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