Equivalency credit applies to Sask Polytech courses you have already taken at one of our campuses, by distance education, at a Saskatchewan regional college or for dual credit in high school. 



Learn more about important factors to be cautious of before considering equivalency credit.


There is no cost to apply for equivalency credit. 


There is no deadline to apply for equivalency credit but approval from your program head is required.

The best time to request equivalency credit is immediately after being admitted to a full-time program or registered in a part-time course, but before the program or the course you want credit for starts.


If you have not already done so, check with Enrolment Services to ensure that equivalency credit does not reduce your course load below the minimum required for a study permit, sponsorship, student loan, etc.



Equivalency credit may not be calculated in your GPA. If you need to raise your GPA, consult with your program head. See the important factors to be cautious of for more information.

  1. Find your Sask Polytech transcript.
  2. Look through your transcript for course codes (e.g., MATH 220 or COMM 106) and grades for courses you have successfully completed.

a. Find your Sask Polytech program from the A - Z Listing.

  • Scroll alphabetically to your program name and click on it.
  • Scroll to the courses heading. Click on the + to see the course list.

The list of courses section, before expanding them for details.

  • Click on the arrow to the right of each course to see course details.

A course from the Course section and its details, including course description, code, title, unit, hours, equivalent courses, and learning methods.

b. Check to see if a course on your Sask Polytech transcript has:

  • the same code (see CLTR 120 circled above), or
  • is listed as an equivalent course(s) (see SOCI 170 circled above)

c. Choose next steps depending on how equivalent courses appear to be:

  • If it is the same or equivalent course, go to step four for directions to withdraw from the matching course in your program.
  • If a course seems closely similar, but is not listed as an equivalent, consult with your program head about applying for internal transfer credit for that course.
  • If the course is only somewhat similar in content, see if prior learning (red circled above) is listed as a potential learning method. If it is, consult with your program head about PLAR credit for that course.

It is your responsibility to withdraw from courses for which you have received equivalency credit.

Full-time program students

Students in full-time programs are typically registered in all courses required for graduation before the program begins. Enrolment Services completes a Student Registration form and instructors review the form with students during the first few days of a program. 

  • Check your list of registered courses on page two of the Student Registration form. Identify any courses for which you believe you have transfer, equivalency, or PLAR credit. 
  • Print a Program Adjustment Form (pdf) and list registered courses for which you believe you have prior learning credit.
  • Take this form to your program head for signed approval to withdraw from one or more courses.
  • Take the approved form to Enrolment Services. Ask for confirmation of transfer, equivalency or PLAR credit for each course before they process your withdrawal.
  • Delayed course withdrawal may reduce any available tuition refund.

Part-time program students

Students in part-time programs self-register in one or more courses at a time. It is your responsibility to avoid registering or to withdraw from any course(s) for which you have prior learning credit.

Tuition Refund

  • If all applicable deadlines have been met, you may be eligible for a tuition refund when you withdraw from the equivalent course.
  • Ask Enrolment Services for tuition refund details when you confirm that you have credit for the same or equivalent course.

Entry on your Transcript

  • If you have already taken the same course (identical course code), your transcript will show the course taken before and the percentage grade you received. The grade will be calculated in your grade point average (GPA).
  • If you have already taken an equivalent course (different code, similar content), your transcript will show CR for the matching course in your program. A CR grade is not calculated in your GPA.

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