Applied Research & Innovation

Applied Research and Innovation

Applied research is where ideas meet reality, delivering practical solutions to everyday problems. Applied research assesses a need, proves a concept and tests new products to refine them for market.

From agriculture to artificial intelligence, from biotechnology to biomechanics, our faculty experts will help you refine your question, set up a research program and build your prototypes for testing. With dozens of program areas and some of the most advanced equipment in the province — we have the expertise you need.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with a big idea, or an industry professional with a challenge begging for a solution, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has the tools and expertise to help.


Inspiring Innovation

Inspiring Innovation
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Special report

Special Report: At the Intersection of Innovation, Learning and Commerce
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Your Link to Tomorrow
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Sask Polytech partner in Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery

Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) is a ground-breaking group of climate-action leading colleges, cégeps, institutions and polytechnics that have joined forces to help lead the transition to a resilient, inclusive and prosperous economy. Through the rapid development and deployment of new curriculum, coalition education institutions will train workers for in-demand jobs in a low carbon economy. Through cutting edge applied research projects, C2R2 will facilitate the currency and competitiveness of Canadian businesses.

Farmer and Rancher Mental Health (FARMh) Initiative

The Farmer and Rancher Mental Health (FARMh) initiative is a new patient-oriented research project funded by Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatchewan Center for Patient Oriented Research and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation. In this study, key features of a farm-culture friendly mental health support system for Saskatchewan farmers and ranchers will be identified.