Wellness Strategy

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An integrated approach to health and wellness for students, faculty and staff.

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Our goal

To foster an environment, a culture and a community of health and wellness, for students, faculty and staff, across all Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses. 

Wellness Strategy

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Wellness Strategy (pdf) focuses on broad spectrum of wellness elements captured in the four dimensions — life, mind, body and community — as wellness is vital to student success and a healthy workplace for our faculty and staff.

We recognize that health and wellness challenges are common regardless of background, culture, education or experience and only through a supportive and inclusive community, can we make a difference. We see wellness as a requisite for student success and success at work.

Our strategy is for everyone. It offers the opportunity for individuals to take ownership of their own health and wellness and feel like they can achieve their wellness goals with the support of Saskatchewan Polytechnic. It is about building a community where our people come first, they feel supported and their wellness is valued.

Wellness model

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Wellness Model is a holistic approach to fostering an environment, a culture and a community of health and wellness, for students, faculty and staff, across all campuses.

The wellness model is designed to:

  • Highlight Saskatchewan Polytechnic's commitment to prioritizing wellness for our students, faculty and staff.
  • Offer a holistic approach to wellness through the dimensions of life, mind, body and community.
  • Identify the elements within each dimension that affect overall health and wellness.
  • Recognize the role each of us has in supporting and impacting the health and wellness of
    ourselves and those around us.
Sask Polytech wellness model

Priority areas 

Fostering a healthy culture and environment

We will create a culture of health, support and wellness for students, faculty and staff.

We will consider health and wellness as it applies to the programs that we offer and deliver, the relationships that we build and the plans that we develop and implement.

We will look at enhancing our spaces to focus on health and building connections, and ensure we foster a culture of respect that reflects our values, is inclusive and recognizes the diversity of our people at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Raising awareness and promoting wellness

We will raise awareness of health and wellness so students, faculty and staff understand what wellness looks like holistically and know that they have a role in looking after their own health.

We will focus on continuous communications, provide people with information about the supports and services that are offered and engage with our audiences to ensure we continue to meet their wellness needs and support them to build habits to change their behaviour positively.

Providing training and support

We recognize the need for training and support and that resources are needed to achieve both individual and community wellness.

We will offer services to support students, faculty and staff to enhance their wellness. We will provide training for our leaders to help them better understand their role in fostering a healthy environment.


The four dimensions of wellness


A healthy life includes financial stability, exposure to diverse cultures and experiences and access to lifelong learning. It is the feeling of safety, understanding our spirituality, what balance means for us and a focus on family.



A healthy mind includes intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. It is awareness and acceptance of feelings, and the ability to effectively manage and cope with stress.



A healthy body includes the need for regular physical activity, good eating habits and adequate sleep. Being aware of sexual health, improper use of substances and what to do in the event of an illness.



A healthy community includes understanding our impact on our surroundings, the standard of living and quality of health in our environment. It is the connection we have with others and meaningful work, and volunteering opportunities.


Student Wellness

Students may experience challenges and stressors within their academic and personal life.

As a Saskatchewan Polytechnic student you can access a variety of services related to health and wellness:

Other community links may include:

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line

The Help Line, which started operation on October 1, provides immediate, culturally competent, telephone crisis intervention counselling support for First Nations and Inuit, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Counsellors can also work with callers to identify follow-up services they can access. Counselling is available in English and French and, upon request, in Cree, Ojibway, and Inuktut.

If you're experiencing emotional distress and want to talk, call the First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line at 1-855-242-3310. It's toll-free and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Government of Saskatchewan, Health Services


Government of Canada, Mental Health and wellness


Kids Help Phone


Peer Support Canada


Contact your local Canadian Mental Health Association


Government of Canada's Wellness Together portal


Employee Wellness

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to supporting and promoting employee health and wellness. Faculty and staff have access to an employee and family assistance program and wellness resources which comprise counselling, coaching, online services, and information/support for a broad range of health-related matters. We appreciate that success is dependent on the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Resources for employees

Our commitment to wellness

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has adopted the Okanagan Charter, a global health initiative that calls on post-secondary institutions to make a commitment to embed health in all aspects of campus culture and take the lead in actions that promote well-being both locally and globally. With the adoption of the Charter, we have made a formal commitment to healthy lives, minds, bodies, and communities.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has created an integrated approach to wellness that addresses a broad
spectrum of wellness dimensions including — life, mind, body, and community. We recognize that
wellness is vital to student success and in fostering a healthy workplace for faculty and staff.


Contact wellness@saskpolytech.ca.