At Saskatchewan Polytechnic, health and wellness are important and valued. Our goal is to foster an environment, a culture and a community of health and wellness for students, faculty and staff across all our campuses. We provide a variety of services related to health and wellness in support of our wellness strategy.

Student wellness

Students may experience challenges and stressors within their academic and personal life. As a Sask Polytech student you can access a variety of services related to health and wellness:

Employee wellness

Sask Polytech is committed to supporting and promoting employee health and wellness. Faculty and staff have access to an employee and family assistance program and wellness resources which comprise counselling, coaching, online services, and information/support for a broad range of health-related matters.

Sask Polytech Wellness Strategy

Sask Polytech's Wellness Strategy (pdf) focuses on a broad spectrum of wellness elements captured in the four dimensions — life, mind, body and community. We see wellness as a requisite for both student success, and faculty and staff success at work.  Our strategy is for everyone. It is about building a community where our people come first, they feel supported and their wellness is valued.

A healthy life includes financial stability, exposure to diverse cultures and experiences and access to lifelong learning. It is the feeling of safety, understanding our spirituality, what balance means for us and a focus on family.
A healthy mind includes intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. It is awareness and acceptance of feelings, and the ability to effectively manage and cope with stress.
A healthy body includes the need for regular physical activity, good eating habits and adequate sleep. Being aware of sexual health, improper use of substances and what to do in the event of an illness.
A healthy community includes understanding our impact on our surroundings, the standard of living and quality of health in our environment. It is the connection we have with others and meaningful work, and volunteering opportunities.

Our commitment to wellness

Sask Polytech has created an integrated approach to wellness that addresses a broad spectrum of wellness dimensions including — life, mind, body, and community. We recognize that wellness is vital to student success and in fostering a healthy workplace for faculty and staff.

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