PLAR credit assesses what you know, no matter how you learned it. Knowledge and skills may be acquired through work, non-formal training, independent study, volunteer activities and hobbies.

  • If you learned computer skills at work, you may be eligible to challenge PLAR credit for a Sask Polytech computer skills courses.


  • Cannot get transfer or equivalency credit for the same course(s).
  • Have previous learning that matches the learning outcomes for one or more courses available for PLAR credit in your program.
  • Are willing and able to validate what you know.
  • Meet your program's PLAR eligibility criteria.
  • Consult with the program head and are approved for PLAR.
  • Are prepared to pay the PLAR fee that is 75% of the tuition you would have paid.

Learn more about important factors to be cautious of before considering PLAR.


The fee for each PLAR course assessment is 75% of the course tuition fee that the student would have otherwise paid. Since tuition fees are typically higher for international students and for part-time courses, PLAR fees are proportionally higher as well. Fees may be reduced or waived in exceptional circumstances when approved by the academic chair for the program.


Check the Candidate Guide on your program web page for deadlines.


If you have not already done so, check with Enrolment Services to ensure that PLAR registration will not reduce your course load below the minimum required for a study permit, sponsorship, student loan, etc. 

PLAR credit is not calculated in your GPA. If you need to raise your GPA, consult with your program head. See the important factors to be cautious of for more information.

  1. Review these PLAR steps.

  2. Review the PLAR frequently asked questions. 
  1. Find your program in our A-Z Listing.

  2. Scroll down to the Get Credit for What you Know heading. Click on the + sign to expand this section.

    Screenshot of the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition section.

  3. Click on the Candidate Guide link, if there is one. Read the guide thoroughly before contacting a program head or a program's PLAR advisor.


  1. Review eligibility criteria in the Guide to see if you qualify for PLAR.

  2. Complete self-rating checklists in the Guide to estimate how closely your skills and knowledge match learning outcomes for each course.

  3. Review course assessment methods for each course. Consider the work involved compared to taking the course with instruction
  1. Apply for admission to the program, if required for PLAR eligibility in that program.

  2. Complete PLAR application form (pdf) and self-rating checklists. You will need to submit these to the program head.

  3. The program head will clarify eligibility, fees, deadlines and assessment method. They will also provide an assessment plan with details and deadlines for completing your assessment.

  4. If the program head approves your request, they will sign your PLAR application.
  1. Submit completed form to Enrolment Services. Once form has been processed, PLAR charges will appear on your account (viewable on mySaskPolytech). Please make payment of fees via your mySaskPolytech account.

  2. PLAR fees go on your student account. If your account becomes past due, you will be unable to access transcripts, grades, or graduation credentials.

Complete the assessment before the end date for your PLAR registration or the deadline outlined in your assessment plan.

  • Assessment may involve one or more assessment methods.
  • Ask the program head or PLAR assessor questions as needed to clarify.

The assessor evaluates all evidence and submits the results to Enrolment Services.

If you are successful, credit for the course(s) appear on your transcript as CR. Log in to mySaskPolytech to view your unofficial transcript or request an official transcript.

If are unsuccessful, you will receive mailed or emailed notice with further options:

  • Consult with the program head for advice,
  • Appeal the evaluation and grade, and/or
  • Take the course by distance education or in class. You cannot re-register for PLAR.

It is your responsibility to withdraw from courses for which you have prior learning credit. 

Full-time program students

Students in full-time programs are typically registered in all courses required for graduation before the program begins. Enrolment Services completes a Student Registration form and instructors review the form with students during the first few days of a program. 

  • Check your list of registered courses on page two of the Student Registration form. Identify any courses for which you believe you have transfer, equivalency, or PLAR credit. 
  • Print a Program Adjustment Form (pdf) and list registered courses for which you believe you have prior learning credit.
  • Take this form to your program head for signed approval to withdraw from one or more courses.
  • Take the approved form to Enrolment Services. Ask them to confirm that you have transfer, equivalency or PLAR credit for each course before they process a withdrawal.
  • Delayed course withdrawal may reduce any available tuition refund.

Part-time program students

Students in part-time programs self-register in one or more courses at a time. It is your responsibility to avoid registering for course(s) for which you have prior learning credit.

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