These official census reports are generated by Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institutional Research & Analysis (IR&A) for public use, regarding application, enrolment and graduation activity for the previous academic year.

Reports are listed by the academic year (AY) the student information pertains to rather than the year the report was developed. The Student Data report series contains:

Academic year Report
2021-22 Application report
2020-21 Application report
2019-20 Application report
2018-19 Application report
2017-18 Application report
Academic year Report
2021-22 Enrolment report
2020-21 Enrolment report
2019-20 Enrolment report
2018-19 Enrolment report
2017-18 Enrolment report
Academic year Report
2021-22 Graduate report
2020-21 Graduate report
2019-20 Graduate report
2018-19 Graduate report
2017-18 Graduate report

If you are seeking historical data, email