Student Employment Services

Student Employment Services

Get noticed! Student Employment Services (SES) connects Saskatchewan Polytechnic students and graduates with employers.  

Services for students

SES provides:

  • Direct contact with employers
  • Student access to the SES Online Job Board
  • Assistance writing resumés, cover letters and interview preparation
  • Information about potential employers, job search tools and labour market trends (PDF)
  • Check out career opportunities online

Saskatchewan Polytechnic students and graduates are valued by employers. The SES Online Job Board has many employment opportunities that are updated daily. Employers post jobs specifically for Saskatchewan Polytechnic students and graduates. Sign up online or contact the Student Employment Services Coordinator on your campus to get your login information. 

Meet employers, make an impression, get the job

There are many ways to network and make an impression with employers throughout the year. Be prepared to meet virtually with employers through lunch and learns, presentations and interviews in a whole new way. Planning virtual career fairs and events will be the new norm.

Save the Date - Virtual Career Fair

Wednesday March 31,  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Join us for an exclusive opportunity!   

This year students will attend virtually to network with employers in their fields of study and secure job opportunities for after graduation. Employers will attend Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Virtual career fair to recruit, screen and hire qualified and skilled students and graduates. 

Registration information and additional details will be posted in January 2021.

Tips for students to get the most out of the virtual career fair

  • Prepare your resume and have a friend proofread it for typos.
  • View the list of attending companies.
  • Research the companies that you are interested in and the positions offered online.
  • Prepare intelligent, informed questions in advance for those employers that interest you. This will allow you to present yourself as well informed and will capture the employer's attention.
  • Ensure the video and sound on your device are in working order
  • Your background is easy on the eye
  • No noise or disruption will interfere with the call
  • Have your resume with you so your information is available
  • Smile and introduce yourself when you appear to the employer! A positive attitude is very important.
  • Indicate your year and area(s) of study as well as what your career interests are
  • Maintain good eye contact.
  • If the conversation goes well ask about the next step in the recruitment process.
  • Thank employers for their time before you leave.
  • Be friendly and warm, self-confident, and listen attentively.
  • Ensure that you have left a positive impression.
  • Be patient while the recruiter is speaking with you
  • Show interest in the company
  • Be relaxed and have fun!


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Coordinators can be reached by phone or email by campus location.