Saskatchewan Pesticide Education Program

Pesticide Certificate and Re-certification Training

Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides pesticide training. Our Pesticide Education program meets the unique training needs of individuals, private businesses, local governments and Crown corporations.

The program offers applicator and recertification training in aerial, agriculture, aquatic vegetation, commercial seed treatment, greenhouse, industrial vegetation, landscape and structural pest control, as well as in fumigation, on-farm fumigation, mosquito and biting fly and rat control. 

Print-based home study means you can learn at your own pace, in your own community. All courses are continuously available.

Pesticide dispenser courses meet the training needs of retail outlets handling restricted and commercial pesticides. The program also offers a regulatory course for out-of-province commercial pesticide applicators applying for reciprocal licensing in Saskatchewan.

1.    Register for the course

Register online, by mail or by telephone at 306-775-7301.

Note: Pesticide Dispenser (PEST-162CE) and Pesticide Dispenser Re-cert (PEST-262CE) are only for retail outlets that sell pesticides, they are not for pesticide applicators.

2.    Order manuals

If you do not already have a set, call the Bookstore to order your course manuals at 1-866-569-8398 or visit the Sask Polytech Regina Bookstore and buy online

3.    Review material

It takes approximately 10-30 hours to review the material, depending on which course you are enrolled in.

4.    Make an appointment to write the exam

Make an appointment to write your exam at a test centre.

If you are writing an exam at a Sask Polytech Test Centre, you can make your appointment online at

5.    Receive results and apply for your Pesticide Applicator Licence

Approximately 3 weeks after writing the exam, you will receive your results in the mail. If successful, you will receive a certificate of training. You can then apply to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture for your Pesticide Applicator Licence.

If you have any questions, please contact the Saskatchewan Pesticide Education Program at 306-775-7473 or 306-775-7414 or email

Sask Polytech reserves the right to revise or cancel programs or make other changes as deemed necessary at any time. 

Aerial Applicator (PEST-166CE)
Aerial Applicator Mixer/Loader (PEST-180CE)
Aerial Applicator Re-cert (PEST-266CE)
Agriculture Applicator (PEST-167CE)
Agriculture Applicator Re-cert (PEST-267CE)
Aquatic Vegetation Applicator (PEST-168CE)
Aquatic Vegetation Re-cert (PEST-268CE)
Commercial Seed Treat Re-cert (PEST-275CE)
Commercial Seed Treatment Appl (PEST-175CE)
Fumigation Applicator (PEST-169CE)
Fumigation Re-certification (PEST-269CE)
Greenhouse Applicator (PEST-170CE)
Greenhouse Applicator Re-cert (PEST-270CE)
Industrial Vegetation Appl (PEST-171CE)
Industrial Vegetation Re-cert (PEST-271CE)
Landscape Applicator (PEST-172CE)
Landscape Re-certification (PEST-272CE)
Mosquito & Biting Fly Appl (PEST-173CE)
Mosquito & Biting Fly Re-cert (PEST-273CE)
On-Farm Fumigation (PEST-176CE)
On-Farm Fumigation Re-cert (PEST-276CE)
Parks Management (PEST-179CE)
Pesticide Dispenser (PEST-162CE)
Pesticide Dispenser Re-cert (PEST-262CE)
Rat Control Applicator (PEST-177CE)
Rat Control Re-certification (PEST-277CE)
SK Provincial Appl Regulations (PEST-178CE)
Structural Applicator (PEST-174CE)
Structural Re-certification (PEST-274CE)