Strategy provides value-added strategic guidance to support achieving the Saskatchewan Polytechnic vision and goals. As an enabling business partner, Strategy provides value-added services in strategy development and execution, business process, governance and institutional research and analysis.


  1. Support Saskatchewan Polytechnic to achieve its vision, mission and goals through strategic planning, execution and evaluation.
  2. Improve the capability and coordination of the organization to manage risk through an integrated enterprise risk management (ERM) program.
  3. Protect the rights of students, faculty, and staff to personal privacy by prohibiting the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information.
  4. Support the continuous improvement of governance through enhanced communication and decision making.
  5. Provide the organization with the tools and support to continuously improve project and process management.
  6. Support evidence-based decision-making through analytical supports and products.


  1. Provide client-focused, value-added services to the organization to ensure needs are met.
  2. Strive for integration of processes, services and products to increase the value to the organization.
  3. Foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, collaboration and organizational excellence.
  4. Advance organizational accountability and transparency.
  5. Strive for enhanced sustainability through efficient and effective utilization of resources and improved processes.
  6. Take an enterprise-wide, macro approach to products, services and processes.


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Lucy Pereira
Associate vice-president, Strategy