The purpose of the Senior Academic Leadership Team (SALT) is to provide strategic oversight of academic programming, and related services and initiatives, at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. SALT is composed of senior academic leadership within Saskatchewan Polytechnic with responsibility delegated by the Provost and VP, Academic for input on strategic matters including new program implementation and new initiatives. SALT may also consider any matter referred by the President, Senior Management Council, or members of SALT.

The primary responsibilities of SALT include:

  • Reviewing proposed new programs from a strategic and managerial perspective (not academic quality assurance).
  • Providing input on policies, procedures and practices as requested.
  • Providing input on strategic academic initiatives within Saskatchewan Polytechnic including, but not be limited to, operating and capital budgets, and academic procedures and guidelines.
  • Endorse, approve, or receive notification of program implementation, revision, and deletion as per the Academic Authorities grid.

Clear and robust communication and engagement among academic leadership are vital to inform strategic decision making. The establishment of SALT will help to ensure that Saskatchewan Polytechnic continues to provide educational programs that are of the highest quality, integrity and relevance to industry, while ensuring that services in support of students and academic programs are effective and efficient.

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