Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching Division

At Saskatchewan Polytechnic we prepare students and faculty to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing world of the 21st century. As associate vice-president of learning and teaching, I am privileged to work with an excellent team of directors, program heads, faculty and staff who are dedicated to lifelong learning and student success.

Our division is focused on developing and implementing strategies that promote growth and innovation for faculty, staff and students. The division develops and implements policies, procedures, practices and initiatives that encourage student success and faculty development and advance technology integration.

We focus on strategies that facilitate innovation in teaching, learning and applied research. We facilitate professional development opportunities for growth and advancement of best practices in teaching and learning. We provide leadership in advancing accessible and affordable programming and supporting learning culture enhancements and promote an applied research culture in support of student learning. Our service areas are the Instructional and Leadership Development Centre, learning technologies, library and testing services, recognition of prior learning and simulation centres.

Departments and Centres

Dr. Michael Gillespie, Associate Vice-President, Learning and Teaching Division