Saskatchewan Polytechnic has been an international education leader for more than 30 years. Sask Polytech is committed to the development and delivery of skills training relevant to the needs of local, regional and international labor markets. Sask Polytech has extensive experience in the design, delivery, and management of international development projects. Our engagement in the national system reform activities in Ukraine, Jordan, and Vietnam, and our local level reforms in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Colombia, Yemen, Slovakia, Kyrgyz Republic and in technical education and vocational training is a demonstration of both the quality of service and the effectiveness of project outcomes.

Sask Polytech has a strong reputation as an effective project manager and provider of highly skilled expert assistance in the areas of industry-driven skills and vocational training; teacher training and instructor upgrading; curriculum development; institutional and public sector capacity building; policy development; results-based management; and system reform. Sask Polytech has extensive experience in Southeast and South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe through participation in Global Affairs Canada (GAC), International Financial Institutions (IFIs), and country-funded projects. Sask Polytech currently has in-country representatives and/or offices in China, Mexico, the Philippines, South Asia, Vietnam and West Africa.

Quick facts

  • 30+ years of experience in the design, delivery and management of international projects
  • Conducted national reform in vocational education systems in three countries
  • 75+ Sask Polytech staff and faculty have participated on international projects
  • Designed and delivered 25+ projects
  • Delivered and managed projects in 13 countries
  • 100+ international deployments to deliver seminars, workshops, support curriculum development, policy reviews, feasibility studies and counsel international partners

Project experience

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Prospecting, Exploration and Mining of Gold Bearing Minerals Project
  • To support Colombia’s National Training Service, SENA, in the development and upgrading of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs for the mining sector, focusing on prospection and exploration.
Establishing the Wa Polytechnic
  • To assist the Wa Polytechnic to improve training accessibility and relevance to the income-generating needs of the rural poor in the Upper West Region of Ghana.
Pump Caretaker Project
  • To organize short courses and training sessions and provide extension services to the communities.
Where's Wa?
  • To promote a greater understanding and increased support in Saskatchewan for Canada’s international development assistance and partnership activities in Ghana.
Canada India Industry Institute Linkage Project
(Strategic Planning & Curricula Development Components)
  • To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the technical education system (20 polytechnics and engineering colleges) in the four states in the Western Region of India.
Building and Extending Skills Training Systems
  • To assist the Government of Jordan in its efforts to reform the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system to be more responsive to the changing socio-economic environment.
Employer Driven Skills Development Project
  • To develop the labor market information analysis capability in the Ministry of Labour to support vocational education reform.
Supporting Jordan's Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy Project
  • To strengthen Jordan's human resources to support its transition to a knowledge-based economy, thus contributing to poverty reduction and promoting peace and security.
Young Africa Works in Kenya Project
  • To work with the Kenyan partners on the successful launch of improved and new training courses.
Training for Employment Project
  • To assist the transition to a market economy in Kyrgyzstan through the development of a sustainable skills training system responsive to employer labour market needs.
Malawi Enhancing Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational E ducation and Training (TEVET) Outcomes Project
  • To support the Government of Malawi in its plan to reduce poverty by increasing employment and self-employment through appropriate technical, entrepreneurial vocational programming and policy supports.
Socio-Economic Development in Malawi through Technical Entrepreneurial Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) Reform
  • To strengthen the capacity of the TEVET system partners, particularly the Malawi Polytechnic to design, deliver and renew programs, conduct research as well as develop and train competent managers and teachers to meet the challenges of poverty reduction and to contribute to socio-economic growth.
Panama Rural Extension Development
  • To support the sustainable economic and social development of both aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities in Panama through an increased capacity to identify and address local human resource needs.
Slovak Training Systems Project
  • To assist private sector development and increase employment by strengthening the capacity of the Slovak educational systems to design and deliver vocational training programs that address the current and changing skill needs of employers.
Empowerment Through Skills Program (ESP)  
  • To strengthen alternative pathways to education, employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship for women and adolescent girls.
Skills for Employment Project (SFEP)
  • To increase employment and self-employment amount youth in Kyiv Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions of Ukraine.
Decentralized Management of Skills Training Project in Ukraine (DMSTP)
  • To ensure the successful integration of Ukraine into the global market economy and development of sound governance in Ukraine through contributing to the implementation of the country's decentralization process by assisting in the development of a national demand-driven skills training system.
Technical Teacher Retraining Project
  • To train the faculty and management of Industry College #4 (IC4), now Ho Chi Minh University of Industry (HUI, in the processes required to develop a systematic, Industry Driven Curriculum Development Model (within the MOLISA framework) and design instructional methodologies and resources to support the delivery of industry driven training programs.
Tra Vinh Improved Livelihoods Project (TVILP)
  • To establish sustainable and productive agricultural and rural economic development practices and structures in order to strengthen the economy and decrease rural poverty in Tra Vinh Province. 
Vietnam Canada Community College Project (VCCCP)
  • To contribute to poverty reduction in Tra Vinh province through the development of a workforce with skills relevant to local and regional employment and self-employment opportunities. These skills included technical expertise related to agricultural production, extension, and small-scale processing. 
Technical Education and Vocational Training II Project Design Project
  • To help orient technical and vocational training to employer-defined skills needs and market opportunities by fostering public-private partnerships for skills development in priority growth sectors.

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