Country: Jordan
Project location within country: Amman and all governates
Duration: March 2008 - March 2012
Budget: Approximate value of services: $6 million
Project status: Complete

Project description

This project was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The 4-year project aimed to establish strategic interventions in policy, planning, coordination and information management at the Ministry of Labour, in training needs assessment capacity building content, instructional capacity in vocational training, improved interaction and mobilization of employers in the planning and delivery of skills upgrading and in improved financing opportunities through enhanced awareness and institutional development and operation of the Training and Employment Fund (TEF). 


To assist the Government of Jordan in its efforts to reform the TVET system to be more responsive to the changing socio-economic environment.

To enhance the Government of Jordan's institutions' capacity to identify and respond to changing labour market demands, based principally on employer and private sector needs.


Client: Ministry of Labour (MOL), Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Funding agency: Canadian International Development Agency

Firm: Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formally SIAST)


The project not only improved the skills of the country's economically active labour force segment but also the capacity of unemployed and out-of-school youth and adults seeking enhanced livelihoods through better skills development. This, in turn, contributed to a reduction in overall unemployment and provided the region with a more skilled and productive labor force in support of the government's economic transition efforts. 

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Angela Wojcichowsky, Director, International Partnerships & Projects 
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