Country: Ukraine
Project location within country: Kiev and Regional Oblasts in Eastern and Western Ukraine
Duration: May 2005 - May 2010
Budget: Approximate value of services: $6 million
Project status: Complete

Project description

This project aims to support the implementation of a decentralized management model for the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to coordinate skills training in Ukraine by empowering Regional Administrations to design and implement programming in response to the demonstrated needs of stakeholders such as labour unions and associations of industries and entrepreneurs. The project will support the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection's efforts to coordinate training supply with demand across economic and government sectors as represented by a wide variety of national and regional stakeholders in Ukraine’s skills training system. By increasing management capacity at the oblast level, the project will demonstrate to national and regional policy makers:

  • the effectiveness of decentralized financial and administrative management
  • how accountability to national skills training priorities can be retained and enhanced within a decentralized model
  • the importance of a partnership with communities and industry to ensure the adoption of efficient and relevant skills training programs


To ensure the successful integration of Ukraine into the global market economy and development of sound governance in Ukraine through contributing to the implementation of the country’s decentralization process by assisting in the development of a national demand-driven skills training system.


Client: Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MLSP), Ministry of Economy and European Integration Kiev, Ukraine

Funding Agency: Canadian International Development Agency

Associated firm: Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)

Firm: Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formally SIAST)


The project addressed the issue of the skills training planning system which was very centralized in Ukraine, and the issue of accountability between the skills training institutions and the regions/communities they serve. The project focused on establishing and maintaining networks with stakeholders at all levels, from the national level, to the regional level to the school level, down to the level of individual programs. Ensuring the applicability of retraining programs to the local and regional labor market was a key focus. This involved piloting improvements and validating occupational needs, localizing retraining programs specific to local and regional employer needs, and improving the quality of delivery of training to standards identified by local industry and employers. 

The project assisted in the development of national and regional institutional capacity for labor market analysis and relevant employment programming. Promoting a national policy reform, the project ensured outcome-based accountability towards country-wide policy objectives while encouraging local institutions to anticipate and respond to local training challenges and opportunities. An evaluative framework was established to guide a rationalization process to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the training system by removing duplication and unnecessary services while expanding successfully delivered services for emerging economic and social priorities. The project worked in close cooperation with the regional associations of industries and entrepreneurs to ensure a demand-side focus to the improvement of the national skills training system. At the national level and in region, partners from government, the NGOs, and academic community were involved. Educational and program documentation was developed for the priority trades occupations to improve the education of youth and the unemployed on the basis of new technologies. 

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