Country: Ukraine
Project location within country: Kyiv, Ivano Frankivsk, Lviv
Duration: August 2012 – October 2016
Budget: Approximate value of services: $3.49 million
Project status: Complete

Project description

The Skills for Employment project (SFEP) enhanced business programming in selected schools through:

  • the development of stronger and mutually beneficial relationships among government, community and private sector stakeholders;
  • new teaching resources;
  • curricula review, and;
  • training of trainers.

Colleges’ instructors were retrained and upgraded, new training courses were developed, and supplemental training resources were produced. The new training programs produced graduates better able to succeed in the growing private sector in Ukraine.


The goal of SFEP was to increase employment and self-employment among youth in Kyiv, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions of Ukraine. 


The Anton Makarenko Industrial- Pedagogic College (Kyiv)

The Lviv Higher Vocational School of Restaurant Service and tourism (Lviv)

The Ivano-Frankivsk Higher Vocational School of Hotel Service and Tourism (Ivano-Frankivsk)


The project worked with Ukrainian training institutions to ensure that entrepreneurship and business programming was practical and relevant to private sector needs. Over 30 revised and improved courses, 14 instructor manuals, over 20 training events and study missions ensured that the partner colleges have relevant teaching resources and methodologies. The project resources and methodologies were also shared with more than 50 colleges in Ukraine. The project approach made the programming academically accessible to the widest possible range of learners in the targeted communities. A number of approaches and mechanisms were utilized to improve the skills training model, with specific attention on building strong partnerships between training institutions and the private sector. The establishment of college boards and program advisory committees helped in building bridges with employers. Working closely with the schools and employers, the project was able to improve over 80% of business programming content and increase the level of employer satisfaction with programs by over 10%.

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