Country: Slovak Republic
Project location within country: Bratislava, Brezno, Piestany
Duration: October 2000 - March 2002
Budget: Approximate value of services: $360,000 CDN
Project status: Complete

Project description

This project assisted in the development of an employment-focused secondary and post-secondary vocational skills training system in the Slovak Republic. While employment within state-owned enterprises (SOEs) wane, the growing private sector was underserved by the Slovak training system due to an inability to match curricula to labour market demands, particularly in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector.


To assist private sector development and increase employment by strengthening the capacity of the Slovak educational systems to design and deliver vocational training programs that address the current and changing skill needs of employers.

To develop “demand-driven” processes for the design of vocational training curricula to improve instruction of vocational training institutes through improved pedagogy and learning resources development processes increase regional cooperation in vocational training.


Funding Agency: Canadian International Development Agency

Partners: Slovak Institute for Vocational Education (SIOV), Pilot Schools: Brezno and Peistany Hotel Academies, Hungary Ministry of Education


The project assisted in the development of an employment focused secondary and post-secondary vocational skills training system in the Slovak Republic through the following activities:

  • Development of nation-wide policy and procedures for liaison between secondary and post-secondary training institutions and employers.  
  • Development of an employer driven curricula innovation process that ensured program graduate competencies match the local labour market demand.
  • Increased capacity for designing and delivering student centered learning materials customized for local relevance, focused on the transfer of specifically identified skills needed in the local labour market, and allowing students to progress at their own rate thus increasing student success rates.

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