Continuing Education Sponsorship Form

A Continuing Education Sponsorship Form is Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s new method of processing sponsored part-time students. It is an online form that provides students with registration only in course sections that the employer/sponsor has chosen to make available to them. 

The Sponsorship request form is for sponsoring Continuing Education students only. For employers sponsoring full-time program students, please complete Confirmation of Sponsorship for Full-time Program Students (pdf).

Employers: Please review the How to Sponsor a Student page and then complete this request form to register as a sponsor.

  • All students listed on this form will be registered in all courses listed. (If you have multiple students to sponsor, consider contract training – Ask to speak to a consultant by emailing or calling 306-659-4418)
  • More than one course can be added per student/per form
  • Upon receipt of the form, Saskpolytech will register each student who will then receive a Confirmation of Enrolment emailed to them. This confirmation will also be posted within the myLetters portion of their student portal for future reference.
  • Your organization will be invoiced for all registrations received.

Funding Agency or Employer Information
There may be a delay of up to three business days before participants receive access to the online course.

if applicable
GST exempt?
The above named sponsoring agency or employer agrees to pay for the following*
Employer Declaration

This form will be accepted in lieu of the course registration fee.  Payment of the tuition will be the responsibility of the funding agency/employer.  Submission of this form must be completed by the sponsoring agency which indicates direct acknowledgement of the financial responsibilities associated with this course.  Fees may be applied to students who withdraw.  Please read the tuition and fee policy #1214 that is located on our website.

Personal Information

In accordance with The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Act (“the Act”) and The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“LAFOIP”), Saskatchewan Polytechnic collects, uses and discloses Personal Information to perform its duties under the Act; as permitted by LAFOIP; for administrative, marketing, financial and statistical purposes; academic programming; academic or other student counselling; taxation; determination of eligibility for benefits; development and alumni operations; providing access to services offered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic; external placements that occur as part of a student’s program; and email communications relating to marketing or promotion, market research, or user surveys about programs, services and products offered by Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

For further reference, see our Privacy Statement online ( or contact Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Privacy Head (by mail at: 400-119 4th Ave S, Saskatoon SK S7K 5X2 or by email at:


Students listed on this form will be registered in all courses indicated below.

If you require specific students be registered in specific courses, please submit a new sponsorship request for each.

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