Flexible Learning Course Funding Catalogue

A Course Funding Catalogue is Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s new method of processing sponsored Flexible Learning students. It is an online catalogue that provides students with registration only in course sections that the employer/sponsor has chosen to make available to them. Students are eligible to register for approved course sections within this catalogue when the employer/sponsor provides them with a specific hyperlink to access their catalogue.

The Course Funding Catalogue request form is for sponsoring Flexible Learning students only. For employers sponsoring full-time program students, please complete Confirmation of Sponsorship for Full-time Program Students (pdf).

Employers: Please review the How to Sponsor a Student page and then complete this Course Funding Catalogue request form to register as a sponsor.

  • Requested courses will be added to your Course Funding Catalogue.
  • A link to your Course Funding Catalogue will be shared with you within three business days.
  • Your Course Funding Catalogue link can be shared with your employees to complete the registration(s).
  • Your organization will be invoiced for all registrations made within your Course Funding Catalogue.
  • If additional classes need to be added please submit another form.
To select your course and PIC, see the A-Z course listing. The PIC is specific to each course offering e.g., EMPL-180CE-1 or UGC-1625-2.
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