ACCUPLACER Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: January 2019

  1. How do I make arrangements for ACCUPLACER testing?

    You must write the test within 30 days of the date on the letter that was sent to you referring you for ACCUPLACER testing, or prior to the program start date, whichever comes first. If it is not possible for you to write the test within 30 days or prior to program start, you must contact Enrolment Services.
    To take ACCUPLACER, contact one of the Sask Polytech Test Centres.
  2. Do I need to bring anything with me to my testing appointment?

    Yes, you must bring the letter of referral you received and photo identification.
  3. Do any Saskatchewan Polytechnic programs require Grade 12 or specific subjects even though ACCUPLACER can be used for reading, writing and math?

    Yes. Dental Assisting uses ACCUPLACER as part of Alternative admission but applicants must also have a Saskatchewan Grade 12, or a GED 12, or the equivalent.
  4. What if I apply to more than one program at the same time?

    ACCUPLACER only needs to be written once in this case. Your results will be considered for each application you submit. Keep in mind that different programs require different tests and scores.
  5. Can I prepare for the test?

    Yes, there are several sites that can help you prepare for ACCUPLACER. Please note that, although we do our best to maintain a current list of available sites, some sites do become inactive before we have an opportunity to update the list. You may also want to search for additional sites with practice questions.

    The College Board Web-based Accuplacer study app features “Learn As You Go” tests with an explanation of correct or incorrect responses, and sample tests that give you an idea of what the actual test will be like on test day. This app is strongly recommended. The site also provides valuable information, addresses questions and offers other resources to help with:
    1. Calculation and algebra skills.
    2. Useful practice tests.
    3. Preparing you to take the elementary algebra test.
    4. Mathematics video tutorials in mathematics.
  6. Does everyone answer the same test questions?

    No, it is unlikely that any two people will answer exactly the same questions. However, two or more people might have the same results.
  7. Are the tests timed?

    Reading; Writing; Arithmetic; Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; Advanced Algebra and Functions are not timed. These tests are multiple-choice.
    WritePlacer (an online essay test) is timed. Test-takers have one (1) hour for pre-writing and one (1) hour for writing the essay online.
  8. How long do the tests usually take?

    The multiple-choice tests usually take about 30 to 45 minutes per test. WritePlacer may take about two (2) hours to complete.
  9. Can I review all my answers after I complete a test?

    No, the technology is not in place to allow test-takers to review all the answers when completed. However, the testing software will ask you to confirm your answer before going on to the next question.
  10. Will someone review my test results with me?

    If you say that you would like your test results reviewed with you, the test centre will refer you to a Learning Services instructor who will do that with you.
  11. What happens to my application if I achieve the cut scores for the program that I want to take?

    Your ACCUPLACER results will automatically be sent to Enrolment Services. If you meet the required cut scores for the program you applied to, and if all other admission requirements have been met, you will receive a letter indicating that you are accepted to the program, and would be placed on the waitlist if the program is full at that time.
  12. How long are my cut scores valid?

    ACCUPLACER scores are valid for two years. However, if you previously fully qualified and are on a waitlist for a program, your cut scores are valid for amount of time that you are on the waitlist.
  13. What happens if I do not achieve the required cut scores for the program?

    If any of your scores are more than 25 points below the required scores for the program, you will receive a letter indicating that your application is not accepted. However, you can review with the Learning Services instructor the content and skills needed to achieve a particular score.
    You can also re-apply for admission and rewrite the ACCUPLACER 4 months after your previous test date.
    If in the meantime you meet regular admission requirements, you can re-apply for admission at any time.
    If all scores are within 25 points of the required ACCUPLACER cut score or within 1 point of the required WritePlacer cut score for the program, you are allowed one rewrite of the specific test(s).
    You must make arrangements to rewrite the ACCUPLACER tests that you were not successful in, and must rewrite within 30 days of your original test(s), or prior to the program start date, whichever comes first. If you do not achieve the cut score(s) on the rewrite, you will receive a letter indicating that your application is not accepted, and must wait 4 months after the rewrite test date to re-apply.
    If you rewrite a test for admission to another program, it is still considered a second attempt. If you do not achieve the required cut score on the rewrite, you will receive a letter indicating that your application is not accepted, and must wait 4 months after the rewrite test date to re-apply.
  14. Is the Alternative Admission process different if I apply through the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Education Equity Program?

    No, all applicants must meet the same admission requirements.