Multi-year Business Plan

2022-2025 Multi-year Business Plan

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has adopted a strategic planning system that combines long-term strategic planning, multi-year business planning and annual reporting, all of which are integrated into every level of the institution through the annual planning cycle.

Annual Planning Cycle

Planning lifecycle

The 2022-25 Multi-year Business Plan (MYBP) positions Saskatchewan Polytechnic to inspire success in every learning journey, lead the rise of polytechnic education, and empower a better Saskatchewan by supporting lifelong learner and employer success.

Continues advancing strategic and operational initiatives
  • Indigenous Student Success Strategy 
  • Strategic plan cascade and execution 
  • Strategic enrolment management 
  • Internationalization 
  • Applied research  
  • New and expanded program capacity 
Supports post-pandemic recovery and transition 
  • Re-opening of campus 
  • Adjustments to delivery models
  • Continued expansion of digital technologies 
Emphasizes increasing revenue capacity
  • Regaining momentum in international student recruitment
  • Expanding the School of Continuing Education 
Aligns with provincial government plans
  • Immigration and Career Training plans
  • The Growth Plan 2020-2030 

In 2022-2023, the combined operating and capital expenses are projected to exceed revenues by $1.417 million, which will be supported by drawing on the unrestricted operating surplus. This is a strategic surplus that will be utilized to reach a balanced budget by 2024-2025.

2022-23 at a glance

2022-2023 Operating Revenues
Operating revenues pie chart
2022-2023 Operating Expenses

Operating expenses pie chart

Strategic Priorities
  • Innovation in Action: Academic Plan 2021-2026
  • School of Continuing Education
  • Digitization and integration of processes and services
  • ITS strategy and governance
  • Strategy, governance, communication and business process modernization
  • New Saskatoon campus
  • Moose Jaw mezzanine renovation
  • Campus modernization
  • Employee support and development
  • Advancement capacity building
Sustainability Measures
  • Business travel reductions
  • Continuous improvement
  • Corporate agreement support
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Program review
  • Printing reduction
  • Sector collaboration
  • Technology modernization

Multi-year Business Plan 2022-2025 (pdf)

Multi year business plan cover image

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Lucy Pereira, Associate Vice-President, Strategy 

Nathan Risling, Director, Strategy