For instructions on how to register, visit Part-time Studies Registration.

Program application points vary. To determine the point at which you must apply to your program, please see the Part-time Admission Process. Admission requirements are not reviewed until you apply to the program.

Please check the Part-time Admission Process for more information on your chosen program. If an applicable point exists for your program, see the  English Language Proficiency Requirements.

On any program web page there is a corresponding part-time studies web page that provides course section information for distance students. Please see the “Part-time Delivery” section to access the link entitled “program page”.

The registration deadline is listed under course start/end dates on each course section’s web page. Once that deadline has passed, registration is closed. If you would like to inquire about the possibility of a late registration, please email or call 306-659-4418.

Within two days of being registered in courses, you may request an enrolment verification from the mySaskPolytech portal.

  • Scroll down to Enrolment Services
  • Click Enrolment Verification
  • Select your term and number of copies, press Continue
  • For Delivery Method, select Electronic Letter
  • Enter an address or select one from your student record. Press Continue
  • Press Submit Request

The document will be posted to the mySaskPolytech portal in approximately two hours. To access it:

  • Log into the mySaskPolytech portal
  • From the Menu, select Applicant
  • Under myElectronicLetters, click Check Your Letters
  • Double click on the top item in the list to access your enrolment verification document. This pdf file can be saved and emailed as needed.

If you need a confirmation of enrolment for student loan purposes, please contact Enrolment Services at your campus.

You may request to be added to a waitlist for a course, if available. If the course is no longer displaying on the website, email or call 306-659-4418 to obtain the CRN number.  

If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email or phone call directing you to contact Enrolment Services to register and pay for the course. If you are also registered for another section and want to transfer, you can do so by completing the Course Transfer form.

Online registration issues

What’s your next step in the following situations?

If you are unable to log in, submit a sign-in troubleshooting ticket to the IT Service Desk.

Call 1-866-467-4278 and ask for Financial Services.

Check your junk mail and if it not there, log into of visit myElectronicLetters.

Sign in to and check myElectronicLetters. If your Sask Polytech receipt is not there, call 1-866-467-4278 and ask for Financial Services.


If you are taking only Continuing Education courses, your sponsoring agency will need to submit a Continuing Education Sponsorship form online. Enrolment Services will register the sponsored student and email a Confirmation of Enrolment to the student. The sponsoring organization will be invoiced for all registrations received. For Continuing Education sponsorship FAQs, visit How to Sponsor a Student.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to protecting the confidential records of students.  Students are required to complete and sign a Consent to Release (pdf)  form if they wish to permit Sask Polytech to release personal information to sponsoring agencies, or anyone outside of Sask Polytech.  Students are also required to complete and sign this form if they need Sask Polytech to obtain personal information about themselves from a third party.  Completed Consent to Release (pdf) forms are to be sent to Enrolment Services.

Course load and loans

Students may apply online for Canada Student Grants and Loans.

More information about financial assistance can be found on our Financial Assistance web page.

For a definition of these terms please visit our Glossary.

Full-time studies means enrolling in a course load of 60% or greater for the study period. Part-time studies means enrolling in a course load of 20% or greater for the study period.

For students with a verified disability with Accessibility Services, full-time studies is defined as a course load of at least 40% for the study period. Part-time studies is a course load of 20% or greater for the study period.

Use our online course load calculator to estimate your course load.  Enrolment Services provides the final official course load for student loan purposes.

Email your completed program information form (PIF) to Enrolment Services with your name, student number, courses you will be taking and your program. Make sure to select the campus that is offering your courses or the campus nearest you. Enrolment Services will complete, sign and return the PIF to you. You will then need to upload this form to your student loan portal. To ensure your loan is processed in a timely manner, documents should be forwarded to Enrolment Services at the time of your registration or as soon as possible after.  

Students that are applying for Canada Student Loans may pay a $100 deposit per course at the time of registration to hold their seat in the CE course. If funding is denied, the student is responsible to either pay the remaining course fees or withdraw before the deadline.


International students may register in Continuing Education credit courses at international tuition rates which can be viewed on any credit course information page. It is strongly recommended that international students discuss course schedule changes with a student advisor to ensure there are no unintended effects to study/work permit status. At this time international students can register in non-credit offerings at the domestic rate. 

Transfer Credit or PLAR

You have to be a registered or admitted student to get transfer credit at any education institution. At Sask Polytech, that includes:

  • students registered in one or more Sask Polytech distance courses without being admitted to a program, 
  • students currently attending a Sask Polytech program,
  • applicants who are admitted to an upcoming Sask Polytech program, and
  • students taking a Sask Polytech program at a Saskatchewan regional college.

Please see eligibility, deadline and process information on the Transfer Credit to Sask Polytech web page.

Please see eligibility, deadline and process information on the Transfer Credit to Sask Polytech web page.

If any transcripts or training documentation are from outside of Canada, learn more about how to submit international documents (pdf). Allow time to arrange translation to English, if required, plus two to four weeks for Sask Polytech's assessment.

Do you have previous learning that matches the learning outcomes for one or more courses?  Review our PLAR credit program.

Registration issues

Continuing Education will contact students via email regarding cancellation and refund options. For processing times, see Withdrawals, Transfers and Refunds.

A prerequisite course must be successfully completed before starting a higher level course. Students are required to withdraw from the higher level course before the start of the next course to receive a full refund of course fees. Continuing Education course withdrawals may be submitted by visiting Withdrawals, Transfers and Refunds.

At the time of registration, you will be asked if you would like a receipt emailed to you. This email will be sent to your mySaskPolytech email account. You will need to combine your Confirmation of Enrolment and the receipt to have both the course information and the payment amounts. If you didn't receive your receipt by email, please contact Enrolment Services

If you require a T2202 for tax purposes, you will find that in your student account on mySaskPolytech.

If you require a receipt from a course you took using the old registration system, please email or call 306-659-4418 to make the request.

This information is emailed to the address on account within 24 business hours after your registration. Please check your spam/junk folders as well as your inbox. If you have not received the information, please contact Enrolment Services to confirm your email address. For login or password assistance, submit a sign-in troubleshooting ticket to the IT Service Desk.

Please call in to register if you are a GST exempt student. To register by phone call:

  • Saskatoon: 306-659-4800
  • Regina: 306-775-7301
  • Moose Jaw: 306-691-8383
  • Prince Albert: 306-765-1600
  • Out-of-town callers:1-866-467-4278

Phone registration for CE courses will be available from:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
  • Wednesday – 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.

I've registered, now what?

Sask Polytech will email students their account information and a Confirmation of Enrolment within 24 business hours after a course registration. Students will receive any required course details (e.g., room number, supplies) close to the start date to the email on account.

Mail can sometimes be diverted to external email servers’ spam/junk folders. Please check all mail folders and add as a safe sender domain. Email or call 306-659-4418 if you have not received in any folder by your start date.

Books and course materials should be ordered from the Campus Store prior to the course start date. Refer to information in your Confirmation of Enrollment for the Campus Store directives.

Your course will appear under the Brightspace icon in your mySaskPolytech portal within 24 hours of registration. Content will not be available until the start date of your course. For instructions to access online learning, please see Sask Polytech’s Online Learning Support.

If this is your first online class, Sask Polytech offers a Self-Guided Orientation in Brightspace. This go-at-your-own-pace, newly updated orientation is accessible to all incoming students from the Brightspace icon in mySaskPolytech.  

Students will receive any required course details (e.g., room number, supplies) to the email on account prior to start date. Email or call 306-659-4418 if you have not received it by your start date.

It can take up to 24 hours after registration for your course to appear under your Brightspace icon in your mySaskPolytech account. Course content will become available on the start date. Contact Enrolment Services to confirm you are registered in your course. For technical support, submit a ticket to the IT Service Desk.



Textbooks and other course materials may be ordered online through the Campus Store. Make sure to select the campus that is offering your courses. If you’re unsure which campus to select, check your schedule in your Confirmation of Enrolment for the campus, the course code and the Course Registration Number (CRN). For further information or assistance, please contact the Campus Store or email

Sponsoring agencies will need to complete the Sponsorship Request form and ensure that the 'Books and Supplies' box is checked on the form so that the costs for them will be invoiced with the tuition. For further information or assistance, please contact the Campus Store or email

Textbook lists are typically available approximately one month before the class start date.  For information or assistance, please contact the Campus Store or email

Not all courses require textbooks. If you wish to confirm, please contact the Campus Store or email Please have the CRN for your course available (listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment).


Some courses require in-person examinations. If your course has a required in-person exam, this is stated in the registration information on the course web page. Your instructor will provide you with the information required to register for the date and location of your examination after your course has started. 

If you are an Accessibility student, please contact Accessibility Services first to work out your assistive technology needs. You will then book your exam directly through your local Test Centre.

Your instructor will provide details regarding your class's testing and grading requirements the first day of class. For more information, see the course description. If the information or a contact is not provided, please email or call 306-659-4418.

Please speak to your instructor if you require an extension.

Withdraw or transfer

Withdrawal deadlines differ depending on the length and type of course. Please see Withdrawal, Transfers and Refunds for more information.

If you would like to withdraw from a CE course, please visit Withdrawals, Transfers and Refunds.

Please see the Withdrawal, Transfers and Refunds web page for more information.

If you are being sponsored, the refunds are directed to your sponsoring agency.

If you are receiving student loans, the refund may go back to loans.  Please check with the National Student Loans Centre or your student loan provider for further details.

Students may request transfer between CE courses up to the withdrawal deadline for the course. Please review the Withdrawal, Transfer and Refunds web page and initiate the request by clicking on the Course Transfer/Withdrawal Request button.

Full-time students may register for Continuing Education courses.  You will need to contact your program head and complete a Program Adjustment (pdf) form in order to drop your on-campus course.

Withdrawal and refund deadlines are different for CE courses and on-campus courses, please check the Tuition & Fees policy for further information.

I need more information

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers upgrading courses. For a list of offerings, please see Sask Polytech’s academic upgrading.

If you are interested in a course or a program that states this, please contact the person listed on the web page for more information. The course or program will run when there is sufficient interest. If no contact person is provided, email or call 306-659-4418.

Please email your questions to or call 306-659-4418.


Continuing Education students must complete an Application for Graduation form (pdf) and submit it to Enrolment Services at the location that where your program was offered.  If you’re unsure which campus to select, check your course schedule in your mySaskPolytech account for the location.

If the graduation fee applies, please contact Enrolment Services. Payment may be made by credit card over the phone, through mySaskPolytech’s My Finances, or through your financial institution.