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Instructions for use

  1. Some programs are not eligible for student loans
  2. If you have had a course/section set up for your specific needs, it may not be available on the website and therefore not found within this course search. Please contact Enrolment Services nearest you.
  3. When selecting your courses for the upcoming term/year, please ensure that you have checked the program's website for information on whether or not you must be admitted as a student prior to registering for a course. Within the program's webpage, there will be a section called “Part-Time Delivery” that will describe which courses can be taken prior to an application being required.
  4. Pre-requisites exist for many of our courses. Please ensure that you meet pre-requisites that are identified. Failure to do so, could result in your form being returned; thus, delaying your ability to be registered.
  5. Upon selecting your courses and submitting the following form with your ideal schedule and course load, it will be sent to you and Enrolment Services. Please note you will not be registered in courses until you have contacted Enrolment Services by phone to register and make payment of the deposit. Seats are not held for these submissions so call as soon as possible.

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Course CRNs

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Once you have selected “Course CRNs”, below, and have created a schedule and course load that meets your needs, these selected courses will be sent to Enrolment Services by filling in the information below and submitting your information. 

Please note: a $100 non-refundable deposit is required for each course registration while you await approval of your loan application. Please contact us to provide your payment.