Part-time Computer Courses

Computer Courses

The world of communication and information technology is constantly evolving. Beginner to advanced, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers computer software training and workshops for everyone. All currently-available options are offered online.

To better serve you while delivering courses online, we have restructured many of our facilitated courses to better fit live online delivery.

Featured Courses

SAGE Accounting for Desktop

Microsoft 365 Basics

An introduction of the Microsoft 365 platform and its purpose.

Individual sitting at a desk in a home office looking at a computer with a notebook beside them.

QuickBooks for Desktop

Learn everything from writing cheques, creating bills & reports, to the basics of business accounting, including managing accounts payables/receivables, invoicing and payroll.

Individual sitting at a table looking at a laptop

Microsoft Excel Advanced

This course teaches students how to use a variety of intermediate and advanced features to consolidate data, perform data analysis, and audit formulas in spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2019 or 365

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