Last updated: December 2019. Last reviewed: February 2023

Questions and answers for Freedom of Information.

The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act defines a record as information in any form and includes information that is written, photographed, recorded or stored in any manner, but does not include computer programs or other mechanisms that produce records. 

Examples of types of records include documents, letters, handwritten notes, papers, manuals, journal books, drawings, emails, sticky notes, etc.

If an applicant is provided with a copy of a record or part of a record, the following fees are payable at the time access is given:

  • for a photocopy, $0.25 per page;
  • for a computer printout, $0.25 per page;
  • for electronic copies, the actual cost of the portable storage device provided to the applicant;
  • for a form of record not mentioned above, the actual cost of copying the record.


The following are examples of personal information about an individual and cannot be released:

  • race, creed, religion, colour, sex, sexual orientation, family or marital status, disability, age, nationality, ancestry or place of origin,
  • educational, criminal, employment, financial or health information and history,
  • any identifying number or symbol (e.g. employee, student or Social Insurance numbers),
  • home or business address or telephone number,
  • travel destinations,
  • personal opinions or views of an individual, except where they are about another individual.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has the right to refuse access to records that might disclose:

  • advice, proposals, recommendations, analyses or policy options developed by or for Saskatchewan Polytechnic,
  • consultations or deliberations involving officers or employees of Saskatchewan Polytechnic,
  • plans that relate to the management of personnel or the administration of Saskatchewan Polytechnic that have not been implemented,
  • information (including proposed plans, policies or projects) that could reasonably be expected to result in disclosure of a pending policy or budget decision,
  • the disclosure of information that reasonably could be expected to interfere with contractual or other negotiations at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

If the statistics are readily available and do not contain any personal information, the information will be released upon payment of the required fees. However, if the requested records do not exist or require a new document or record to be created, the request may be denied.

No. Transcripts cannot be provided to individuals, other than the student, without a signed consent form.  Saskatchewan Polytechnic protects the privacy of its students. Without a signed consent form from the student, releasing any information about a student, even to a spouse or parent, would be in violation of privacy laws. This includes acknowledging or identifying that an individual is, in fact, a student.

No. Withdrawal, probationary, and discontinuation information cannot be provided to individuals without a signed consent form from the student. Releasing this information without a signed consent is in violation of privacy laws. However, if the student provides a signed consent, Saskatchewan Polytechnic will release and communicate notice of approved temporary discontinuations, completion or temporary withdrawals as requested. Fees may be assessed for providing this service. 

No. Saskatchewan Polytechnic will not acknowledge or identify that an individual has applied to its programs or is registered in its courses. Without a signed consent form from the student, the status of an application or registration will only be provided directly to an applicant. This applies even if someone other than the applicant has paid the application fee. 

No. Saskatchewan Polytechnic will not acknowledge or identify that any individual is a student in its programs. Saskatchewan Polytechnic staff will accept a message, without confirming or denying that an individual is a student, and deliver it confidentially to a program area should the individual, in fact, be a current student.

Survey requests for students, employees or financial data from external parties/agencies are coordinated through Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institutional Research and Analysis. Please contact the department’s coordinator at or by telephone at (306) 659-3814.

If you would like to exercise your right to request a review of a decision, you may do so by completing a “LA FOIP Request for Review” form and forwarding it to the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner within one year from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Privacy Officer’s notice. Your completed form can be sent to 503 – 1801 Hamilton Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4P 4B4.  This form is available by contacting the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner at 1-877-748-2298 or online at