Indigenous Students' Centres

Indigenous Students’ Resources

Indigenous Students' Centres

Saskatchewan Polytech has an Indigenous Students' Centre in each of our campus cities. These centres provide support to Indigenous students and helps to ensure that their experience is the best it possibly can be.

Each centre hosts a variety of cultural activities and events, provides a quiet space to study and a number of services including:

  • Space to study and socialize
  • Computers and kitchens to use
  • Cultural, educational and recreational workshops and activities
  • Smudging ceremonies
  • Soup and bannock lunches

Services that support

The centres provide a safe space for students to connect with Elders, Knowledge Keepers or cultural advisors who provide support on both school and personal matters, helping students cultivate success in their lives.

Centres are open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Indigenous Student Advisors

Saskatchewan Polytechnic helps support Indigenous student success through dedicated student advisors. Indigenous student advisors create student success by providing:

  • A friendly face, helpful connections to services and support
  • Orientation to Saskatchewan Polytechnic and surrounding community
  • Referrals for tutorial support
  • Funding, housing, budgeting and employment information
  • Connections to outside resources and networks
  • Assistance organizing study groups and informational, social and cultural events


Pihtikewé – Kihèw Waciston 
Indigenous Students’ Centre
(Cree: Eagle’s Nest Indigenous Students’ Centre)
Room 4.210

Rosemarie Zaba Stewart
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 2.205
306-690-3777 (cell)

Anita Cameron
Indigenous Student Centre Coordinator
Room 4.210

All Nations Gathering Place
Indigenous Students’ Centre
Rm 225

Shelley Belhumeur
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 127 Academic Centre
306-961-4555 (cell)

Jennifer Brockman
Indigenous Students’ Centre Coordinator
Room 225 Academic Centre

Annette Lanoie
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room A211 technical Centre

Dennis McLeod
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room H137 Technical Centre

ê-sihtoskâtoyahk ᐁᓯᐦᑐᐢᑲᑐᔭᐦᐠ   
Indigenous Students’ Centre
(Cree: strengthening/supporting each other)
Rm 121.4

Brian Gallagher
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 103
306-291-6447 (cell)

Shane Stack
Indigenous Student Advisor
Room 103
306-361-5797 (cell)

Derek Yee
Indigenous Student Advisor,
School of Health Sciences
Room 121.3

Genevieve Davis
Educational Counsellor for Indigenous Students
Room 121.4.2
(306) 659-4287

Sharon Ahenakew
Indigenous Nursing Student Advisor
School of Nursing
Room 404.5
(306) 659-4221
(306) 270-9311 (cell)

Pēžik Tēwē-ihkan, Pēžik Mihtē-ihkan
Indigenous Students’ Centre
(Saulteaux: One Heart, One Drum Beat)
Rm 153 

Meranda Andersen
Indigenous Student Counsellor,
Post-Secondary Programs
Student Development
Room 228

Kim Fellner
Indigenous Student Advisor,
School of Health Sciences
Room 150.2

Greg Riehl
Aboriginal Nursing Student Advisor
School of Nursing
Room 150.1

Aaron Tootoosis
Indigenous Students’ Centre Coordinator
Room 153