Co-operative Education at Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a win-win-win partnership between student, school and employer. As an employer, you can:

  • fill short-term staffing needs
  • evaluate candidates for future employment
  • actively participate in training our future workforce

Job posting dates

We recommend posting early to maximize your job’s exposure. If you’re ready to post a job, fill out a job posting form.

Annual recruitment timelines are as follows:

  • For September start date, recruitment is from May to August.
  • For January start date, recruitment is from September to December.
  • For May start date, recruitment is from January to April.

Upcoming events

About co-op education

Co-op students in a number of programs are looking for on-the-job training, particularly in business and technology fields. Students are available from the following programs.

Sask Polytech’s Co-op Office has streamlined the job posting process for employers. As an employer, you contact the Co-op Office and provide details about the job (or jobs) you want to post. Sask Polytech posts the job on Orbis, a national online job posting system.

If you’re ready to post a job, fill out a job posting form and email it to us.

Students interested in your job posting submit their resumes to the Co-op Office, which forwards them to the employer. You decide which students you want to interview and you set the interview dates. Our Co-op Office arranges the interview with the student.

Employers have the final say in who to hire.  The  hiring process is divided into two parts. The first part is the match. Based on your interviews, a computerized matching system places students using employer and student rankings. You only rank those students you consider acceptable.

The second part is the offer. Employers can make a job offer to the matching student or, once the matching process is complete, you can make a direct offer to a remaining (not the matching) student. Once an offer has been accepted, either through the match or through a direct offer after the match, that student is no longer available.

Employment letters and other placement details are then co-ordinated by the Co-op Office. Employers determine salaries.

Yes! The Government of Canada allows international students to work as part of their Sask Polytech program. International students meet several conditions before applying for a special work permit. This permit allows them to work off campus as part of their program. 

The Co-operative Education team works with international students to help obtain and maintain valid work permits. For more information, read our frequently asked questions about hiring an international student.

You do. Individual employers determine the salary paid to co-op students. Contact our Co-op Office for information on average salaries in each program field. If you’re an employer outside of Saskatchewan, you might consider assisting students with transportation/travel costs.

Contact us

If you have questions, want more information, or have content you would like communicated to co-op students, please contact us at