Pronounced Kan - uh - duh

Canada is one of the world’s safest countries. Canada is well-known for its hospitality, affordable, high-quality education and inclusive, multicultural spirit. The United Nations consistently ranks Canada as one of the world's best places to live.

Yes, winters may be cold, but the people here are warm and welcoming.

Map of the world with the Canada portion highlighted in purple to show where Canada is in relation to the rest of the world

  • The world's second largest country in the world (after Russia). 
  • Experience a four season climate:
    • spring (March - May)
    • summer (June - August)
    • fall (September - October)
    • winter (November - February)
  • Named the second most beautiful country for its "cosmopolitan cities, breathtaking scenery and world-class outdoor adventures from coast to coast".
  • 91% of Canadians are satisfied with water quality. 2  
  • Air quality is among the best in the world. 3 
  • Graduates can investigate options with the Canadian Experience Class for federal options for Permanent Residency.
  • Students that graduate from participating Canadian post-secondary institutions are also eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. This allows the student to work after graduation to gain valuable work experience in Canada.
  • Employment opportunities are available in every sector. 73% of 15-64 year olds in Canada have a paid job. 4
  • 96% of international students recommend Canada as a study destination. 5 
  • Canada is one of the top countries in reading, literacy, math and science.  6
  • A peaceful and safe country. In 2018, Canada ranked as the sixth most peaceful country 7 and ranked eighth in the world for personal safety. 8 
  • 81% of Canadians say they feel safe walking alone at night. 9
  • Canada is ranked as the third best country to live in.10 
  • A variety of services are available to help newcomers settle in.
  • The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects your basic rights and freedoms once you arrive in Canada. 
  • There are endless opportunities to learn about other cultures and religions as one out of five Canadians were born in another country. 11
  • Two official languages, English and French. Chinese dialects are the third most common language, followed by Tagalog, Spanish and Punjabi. 12

Being a student is about so much more than attending classes and work placements. It’s about meeting new people, exploring your surroundings and immersing yourself in local culture.

Keep exploring and discover why Canada is a great place to live, study and work.