Whether maximizing potential for use of wind, solar, geothermal, or biomass energy as part of a circular economy; improving systems for battery storage or microgrid connectivity; or looking at automation, autonomous operations or tailings remediation in mining, SLICE works with industry and community partners to solve challenges in key energy and resource areas.

Centres and facilities

The Energy and Resources Lab is located at Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Moose Jaw campus. This facility provides the hub for energy-related applied research and training programs, with a focus on alternative energy technologies, smart grids, and energy efficient home construction.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a partner organization in the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA). Working to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative clean technologies in the mining sector, MICA is expected to position Canada as a global leader in sustainable mining as well as cleantech development.

Meet the team

SLICE affiliates

Kurt Soucy, P. Eng.
Program head and instructor
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Danielle Faris, Geological Technologist, FCP
Program head
Mining Engineering Technology

Ravi Jassar, PhD, P.Eng.
Mechanical Engineering Technology

Paul Labbe, MBA
Regional program manager

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