Sustainability-Led Integrated Centres of Excellence (SLICE)

SLICE is based in the School of Mining, Energy and Manufacturing and the School of Natural Resources and Built Environment.


To advance sustainability in Saskatchewan and beyond through collaborative applied research for the benefit of our economy, environment, society, and future generations.


To solve complex sustainability challenges in collaboration with industry and community partners.

Energy Resources

By partnering with SLICE, industry can tap into our unique expertise and resources to advance the development and adaptation of technologies toward sustainable resource optimization within the circular economy.  The circular economy prioritizes the reuse, recycling and upcycling of materials and resources to minimize waste and promote sustainability through innovation and wise practices. SLICE creates solutions and provides learning and training opportunities that have environmental, economic, financial and social benefits.

This soil reclamation project resulted in two great collaborations with industry partners, provided applied research experience for several students and resulted in very meaningful and unexpected project results.” Dave Halstead, SLICE research chair, School of Natural Resources & Built Environment

Robin Smith, PhD

Director, SLICE
School of Mining, Energy & Manufacturing | School of Natural Resources & Built Environment