Student Conduct

Student Conduct 

NEW – With classes moving online to message boards and live video, the Student Relations Office is reminding everyone the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct still applies to all your interactions with others. Please read about Netiquette, Manners & Non-academic Misconduct Online Learning (pdf)

At Sask Polytech, we expect our students to act in ways that reflect our core values of respect, integrity, excellence and sustainability. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our codes of conduct governing student behaviour in both academic and non-academic matters. A lack of awareness will not excuse misconduct so knowing what's expected—and how we address issues if they arise—will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities and contribute to a positive educational experience.

In addition to the codes of conduct discussed below, students also have rights and responsibilities under other Sask Polytech policies governing behaviour, including those related to violence, sexual assault and sexual violence, IT use, and harassment

Expectation: Students act ethically, honestly, and in a manner that upholds academic integrity on all academic matters.

Violations: Acts of academic misconduct use illegitimate or dishonest means to achieve academic success such as plagiarism, cheating, falsification of documents, impersonation (e.g., taking an exam for someone), misrepresentation, procurement (e.g., buying an essay), or other violations.

Why it matters: Academic misconduct may create an unfair academic advantage for the student who committed the violation and compromise Sask Polytech's ability to assess a student's academic achievements.

How we handle it: Anyone can report possible academic misconduct by contacting the relevant academic school. The school's representatives (e.g., program head, dean, etc.) will assess the allegation, seeking input from involved parties, and determine appropriate sanctions if needed.

Read the full Student Code of Conduct (Academic) procedures (.pdf)

While enforcement is the responsibility of the academic schools, the Student Relations Office can offer information and guidance on this code and related processes as can the Student Advocate at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association.

Academic Appeal Request Form - Level 1:School-Level (.pdf)

Academic Appeal Request Form - Level 2: Institute-Level (.pdf)

Expectation: Students act in a manner that respects civil and criminal law as well as the rights, safety, and well-being of others.

Violations: Non-academic misconduct negatively affects the learning environment of others, places people at risk, or adversely affects the Sask Polytech community in other ways. This can take place on campus or off campus (including by phone, fax or digital media), at work experience-related activities (e.g., cooperative placements), in co-curricular activities (e.g., field trips), or during extra-curricular activities (e.g., events). We classify violations as Levels 1 through 4 according to their nature and severity of impact (e.g., Level 1 for smoking in an unauthorized area, Level 4 for an assault).

Why it matters: Sask Polytech is committed to providing a safe learning environment which supports your success and the safety and well-being of all community members.

How we handle it: Anyone can report possible non-academic misconduct to the Student Relations Office (or to Health, Safety and Security or police if there is a risk to the safety or well-being of any person). How we investigate and address the allegation depends on the violation. Level 1 incidents are mostly handled by academic schools or by the non-academic units where the incident took place. Higher-level violations are referred to the Student Relations Office for investigation and resolution.

At the Student Relations Office, we promote the rights, well-being and safety of students and other community members through education, support, resolution, and enforcement related to non-academic misconduct.

Read the full Student Code of Conduct (Non-Academic) procedures (.pdf)

The Student Relations Office offers information and guidance on this code and related processes to any member of the Sask Polytech community. Students may also seek guidance from the Student Advocate at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association. 

Non-Academic Appeal Request Form (.pdf)

To report academic misconduct, complete the anonymous form.

Contact the Student Relations Office 

If you have any questions about the Student Code of Conduct, please email the Student Relations Office at or use the form below. You can also phone us at: 

Student Relations Office - Prince Albert Campus

Student Relations Office - Regina and Moose Jaw Campuses

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