During your time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, you may experience challenges and stressors within your academic and personal life. Our counsellors provide a safe space and tailor the appointment to your needs. As a Sask Polytech student you can access personal and academic counselling services, free of charge. Indigenous counsellors are available upon request. Counselling appointments are confidential and private. 

Learn more about the resources available to support your mental wellbeing.

Counselling appointments

Our counsellors are here for you. They provide a safe environment to discuss your concerns, help you understand your strengths, learn new skills and empower you to set goals and make changes. Contact with a counsellor may be client initiated or the result of a referral. Support can be brief or ongoing and community resources may be suggested. Counsellors currently see students over Zoom and in person.

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Additional resources

Several additional resources are available to support your mental wellbeing.

Contact us

Please email us or call your local campus; phones are all forwarded and will be answered during campus closures. Student Services will respond to voicemail and email messages within 24 hours.

Counselling Services, Room 2.203
306-691-8311 or 306-691-8310 (Mobile Crisis 306-694-7605)
Counselling Services, Room F203 (Technical Building)
306-765-1611 (Mobile Crisis 306-764-1011)
Counselling Services, Room 228
306-775-7436 (Mobile Crisis 306-757-0127)
Counselling Services, Room 114
306-659-4050 (Mobile Crisis 306-933-6200)