Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Autism Spectrum Disorder certificate of achievement will support your work with children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), their families and the community of professionals that is important for the optimum development of the child.

Upon completion of the certificate of achievement, with a choice of focus on early childhood or school age, you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • how to engage with a child with ASD
  • history of ASD
  • evidence-based practice
  • program planning for children with ASD
  • communication skills required when working with a child with ASD
  • building relationships with family and community to support children with ASD

Inclusion is integral for the optimal development of a child with autism. It is important to see that each child has unique capabilities and competencies to contribute within their world. This certificate provides professionals the opportunity for acquiring the knowledge and understanding to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Career and salary information

Your career

This certificate of achievement would support your career in working with individuals with autism. These skills are inclusive of professions such as early childhood educators, inclusion coordinators, educational assistants, teachers, early childhood interventionists (ECIP, ASD), KidsFirst staff, disability support workers and youth care workers.

Part-time delivery

Students do not apply to this program, but take courses part time and apply to graduate (pdf) through Enrolment Services once all courses are completed.

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Admission requirements

Note: You do not apply or have admission requirements assessed for this program. You take courses through Continuing Education. Once you have successfully completed all the courses in the program, simply apply to graduate.

Admission method

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Tuition and fees

This program is not eligible for student loans.

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