The School of Nursing offers continuing education courses to help you maintain nursing competence, advance your career into a specialized area of practice, and/or obtain the educational hours required for your nursing license.

For maximum flexibility, courses are offered either online or by print distance.

Featured courses

Gerontological Nursing
Study the growth and development of elderly clients, considering how nurses can assist the elderly and their caregivers to achieve healthy aging.
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Pain Management
Learn about common misconceptions, epidemiology, and basic neurophysiology of pain.
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Nursing Care Clients Diabetes
Learn about the risk factors and diagnostic criteria for diabetes. Learn about nutritional, physical and pharmacological management.
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Advanced practice and nurse practitioner

Stay current with your skills and requirements with these advanced online courses. For more information on advanced practice courses contact

Continuing Care Assistants (CCA) to Practical Nursing   

For Continuing Care Assistants (CCA) who graduated from Sask Polytech after 2000 and are interested in pursuing the Practical Nursing diploma, there may be options for you to reduce your study time. Learn more.

Credit courses

These courses may be eligible for transfer credit or PLAR toward a nursing program. Check with the program you are interested in for more details.

General nursing skills

Applicable to all nurses, these courses provide a  review of basic nursing skills, such as documentation and medication administration, while earning CE hours.

Mental health nursing

Designed for LPNs and RNs, these courses focus on specific nursing strategies that assist clients with mental health challenges. Skills obtained can be used alongside physical assessments and interventions in any nursing care environment.

College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan - approved courses

CRNS approved courses for RNs interested in obtaining Additional Authorized Practice designation to work in Saskatchewan’s northern communities. For more information on Additional Authorized Practice courses contact

Specialty nursing skills

For RNs or LPNs, courses that provide in-depth and advanced knowledge in specialized areas of nursing practice.

Surgical nursing and management

Focusing on sterile technique, surgical procedures, and management skills required for perioperative and medical device reprocessing units from a nursing perspective.

Plus, Caring for Older Adults, a course open to the public and designed for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by their role as a caregiver for an older family member.

Group registration and custom training options are available. 

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