Employers, are you looking for an opportunity to:

  • Access skilled and motivated workers?
  • Participate in an educational partnership?
  • Save on training costs?
  • Evaluate potential employees?
  • Reduce hiring risks?

The Career Enhancement program and Experience Counts program can help you find a student that fits your organization!

Work placements

Work placement is training delivered primarily by an employer at the work site. An agreement is made between Saskatchewan Polytechnic and you, whereby the student performs appropriate workplace duties in exchange for training and supervision. On-site training gives you an opportunity to see what a student can do and how a student fits into your organization's culture.

Career enhancement students

Our students are job-ready adults who want to work for you. They have recently updated their knowledge and skills in computer applications, employability skills and other workplace essential skills.

Benefit to students:

  • opportunity to demonstrate their positive work habits
  • gain experience and network in an occupational area
  • greater understanding of career options
  • to be considered for current and future employment opportunities

Matching students with employers

We help match students' skills and career interests to your requirements. The work placement agreement can be cancelled at any time without penalty to either the student or the employer. Many employers hire their students; however, this is not a requirement.

Work placement training

On-site training typically lasts eight weeks. It may be reduced or extended depending on how much training and time are required for the student to learn the job and for you to assess their relevant skills.

You are not required to pay your on-site students. Students remain eligible to collect their sponsorship allowances or benefits while training on-site. Saskatchewan Polytechnic insures students for Workers' Compensation purposes. We monitor the student at the workplace on a regular basis and will meet with you and/or the student's supervisor if any problems arise.

Benefit to your company

Supporting a student benefits your company in several ways:

  • Eliminate the time required for a new employee to become productive.
  • Excellent source of temporary and potentially permanent employees.
  • Make a contribution to lifelong learning.
  • Students can provide new ideas and stimulating viewpoints.

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