Experience Counts


Experience Counts


Are you 55 or over and looking for employment or self-employment?  Experience Counts projects offer unemployed Saskatchewan residents assistance in finding rewarding employment or self-employment, and have a record of success in transitioning mature adults back to work.  Experience Counts is funded by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Immigration and Career Training.  People between the ages of 55 and 64 will be given priority; all those over 50 may be considered.

During your eight weeks of classroom-based training you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the four major aspects of life planning and career decision-making
  • Assess your skills, interests, values and personal style
  • Build fundamental digital/computer and keyboarding skills
  • Develop the tools you need to conduct a successful job search, including a professional resume and interviewing skills
  • Research the occupations and jobs that most interest you
  • Participate in supported job search activities
  • Explore entrepreneurial or self-employment options

Following classroom-based training, Experience Counts participants may continue to receive support to:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Participate in an optional work experience
  • Participate in specific occupational skills training related to your career goals
  • Move forward with your entrepreneurial or self-employment goals

Information sessions

If you are unemployed, over the age of 50, and would like to be considered for an Experience Counts project, please attend one of the following information sessions:

Date: TBD (to be determined)
Time: TBD
Location: TBD


Experience Counts graduates may be found in a broad range of occupations and roles, from entry level to professional.  The career you target will depend on your qualifications, skills, interests, and the opportunities currently available in your labour market.

8-weeks classroom plus 8-weeks follow-up.

  • September 16 – November 9, 2019 (classroom-based); November 12, 2019 – January 17, 2020 (follow-up services)

Experience Counts is a sponsored program funded by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Immigration and Career Training.  In order to be considered you must:

  • Be unemployed or working less than full-time
  • Between the ages of 55 and 64; all those over 50 may be considered
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Be a Saskatchewan resident
  • If English is your additional language, have at least a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 6
  • Have attended an information session and completed pre-project assessments

Interested candidates will be required to complete pre-project assessments prior to entry.  If selected for the project, your tuition costs will be paid and you may be eligible for participant income support.

For more information, contact ConEd@saskpolytech.ca or 1-866-467-4278.