The Instructional and Leadership Development Centre (ILDC) has developed instructor competencies to define what excellence in teaching means at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The instructor competencies were revised in the 2020-2021 academic year through an institute wide consultation.

The instructor competencies articulate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be a successful instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and provide a framework for continuous professional development.  These competencies are used in the faculty assessment process as well as the Provost’s Faculty Awards of Excellence in Teaching. 

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Sask Polytech instructor competencies

Instruction and delivery

The instruction and delivery competency focuses on supporting learner success and facilitating learner employment readiness while creating a safe, engaging and inclusive learning community. In addition, it addresses the delivery of content and curriculum, selecting instructional materials and strategies in order to engage learners, and communicating with clarity and purpose.

Assessment and evaluation

The assessment and evaluation competency focuses on evaluating learning and performance, using a variety of assessment tools and techniques and managing course assessment strategies. 

Indigenization and reconciliation

The indigenization and reconciliation competency focuses on demonstrating knowledge of Indigenous content, incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing and doing within the learning environment, and committing to reconciliation and miyo wâhkôhtowin.

Diversity and inclusion

The diversity and inclusion competency focuses on demonstrating respect and inclusivity in our instructional practice and utilizing intercultural communication in all learning environments.

Curriculum development

The curriculum development competency focuses on adhering to the curriculum guidelines outlined in our Saskatchewan Polytechnic Curriculum Framework. It also addresses best practices when creating learning outcomes and learning steps, preparing learning activities and resources, and revising curriculum.


The technology competency focuses on exploring and integrating a variety of technologies into instruction, using technology to communicate equitably and ensuring any technology is used in safe, ethical and purposeful ways.

Professionalism, development and mentorship

The professionalism, development and mentorship competency focuses on enhancing instructional practice by engaging in lifelong learning and maintaining current knowledge, skills and practices from both the scholarship of teaching and learning and industry. In addition, this competency addresses the importance of supporting Saskatchewan Polytechnic policies, initiatives and values and incorporating leadership skills, behaviours and attitudes into your practice.