Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE)

DICE is Saskatchewan’s first Technology Access Centre (TAC) funded by NSERC and Innovation Saskatchewan.   

DICE works collaboratively with various industry partners to help solve their data challenges — particularly those related to data integrity, data transmission, and data analysis and storage.

Businesses, industries and non-profits work with DICE on data issues or challenges. This can be as basic as to how to identify usable business statistics or as complex as using machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure constant process optimization on a production line.

Asset Management

Asset management and monitoring 

DICE includes data as an important organizational asset. By combining data acquisition, distributed analytics, edge computing, mobile computing and software technology platforms, companies can improve their data analysis and predictive capabilities. 



Data security and integrity is a core part of every project DICE undertakes. DICE is involved in research surrounding penetration testing, data encryption and the analysis of encrypted data.

Internet of Things 

Internet of Things 

The data generated from internet of things devices has grown and the need to learn and take advantage of the information provided by these devices has increased at the same pace. DICE works hard to make sense of this data an ensure business can remain competitive in a global market.

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) 

Time-sensitive networking (TSN) 

TSN is a key component for various industrial applications such as process and machine control. DICE helps to demonstrate how technologies work together on a TSN network to showcase flexible manufacturing and processing scenarios.

Mesh communication and control 

Mesh communication and control 

A mesh refers to a rich interconnection among smart devices or nodes consisting of mesh clients, mesh routers and gateways. DICE focuses on open technologies that can help monitor and control mesh networks, while maintaining scalability and interoperability. This allows companies to increase resiliency and make digital integration of distributed resources easier.

“If you have a business challenge you need assistance with, DICE is ready to help.” Dr. Terry Peckham, Director and Research Chair at DICE

By partnering with DICE, organizations have access to exceptional computational facilities, faculty expertise, and talented student researchers, along with research and development (R&D) funding and a vast network of connections. The DICE team of specialists and technologists are all experienced in providing digital solutions focused on data across a spectrum of industries. Through applied research expertise and facilities, Sask Polytech is ready to help turn ideas into reality.

Funding provided by

Canada Foundation for Innovation
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DICE services are supported in part by the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), through a funding agreement with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

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